James Gragov Key in Division 2 Warlords of New York

Where to find the Division 2 James Gragov’s Key

the Division 2 Warlords of (NY) New York requires players to possess the simplest loot in the least times, and one among the simplest ways to urge that done is by finding high-quality loot room. during this guide, we’ll show you ways to seek out Dragov’s Key and therefore the Judge Key, both items should offer pathways toward souped-up gear for your Agent.

Division 2 Dragov’s Key Guide

If you have been playing your way through Dragov’s mission, the one with the three bosses at the top , you’ve likely encounter this room with the large electric fence. so as to urge past it to enter Conference Suite B, you want to first find three yellow boxes within the mission area that disable the barrier. Here are the locations.
In the left corner of the space with the large cage, you will see this window into the loot room near a couch.

The first of three fuse boxes to urge Dragov’s Key

2) Head forward past the cage into the stock trading area with the papers on the ground and large monitors. If you haven’t encountered the bosses already, you’ll need to fight them here. Head deep into the space , up the tiny flight of stairs, and you will see the terminal near this big flag with an X. Shoot the box under the vent as shown.

The second of three fuse boxes to urge Dragov’s Key

3) The last box is simply behind that one, near the American flag on the vent.

The third of three fuse boxes to urge Dragov’s Key
Now you’ll head inside the cage and grab Dragov’s Key, but your work isn’t yet done. At the doorway to Conference Suite B on the left, you will see a glowing keypad. As soon as you undergo the door, there’s another box on the wall behind you. Shoot that, and you will have full access to the world and its multiple loot containers.

One more fuse box behind the room door.

Division 2 Judge Key Guide

In the case of the Judge Key, it’s possible you’ll have found the key itself but haven’t any idea the way to use it. The Judge Key is often found during the Theo Parnell mission at the courthouse. Over the course of the gameplay, you’ll come to the present open courthouse area with two flags and many enemies. Take them down.

Now, undergo the wooden door on the proper, near the flag that’s not the American flag.

Follow the hall down just past the elevator bank, and you will see the open judge chambers door. The Judge key’s found amongst the papers on the judge’s desk.

The Judge key’s found on the judge’s desk shown here.
From here, keep going and sink the shaft to the atrium. you will probably encounter some enemies here. Dispatch the threat, and head toward the large computer desk. Use the Judge Key at the second computer on the left. This opens a gate to an area you’ll vault over to grab the loot inside. That’s all you would like to understand about Dragov’s Key and therefore the Judge key within the Division 2 Warlords of NY.

Division 2 is out there now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What does one consider Warlords of NY so far? Did you get good loot from using Dragov’s Key and therefore the Judge Key? Tell us within the comments section!

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