Rocket League is now free on consoles and PC, here’s where to download it

Rocket League pc download
Rocket League pc download

Expected since last July, the free version, called “free-to-play”, of Rocket League is finally available on consoles and PC.

As of this Wednesday, you can download the (very) popular game, which combines soccer and remote control cars, free of charge, through your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch online store or via the Epic Games Store on PC.

As a result, it will no longer be offered on Steam. However, the title will still be available there for those who already had it on the Valve platform.

On PS4 and Switch, players will not need a PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online account to access the online features of the game. On the Xbox One side, however, you will need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to compete. online.

As for the many people who have purchased Rocket League in the past, they will receive as compensation, along with the arrival of the free version, more than 200 customization items, in addition to all the official DLC of the Psyonix game.

The developer, who now belongs to Epic Games, will also take advantage of the arrival of the free version of Rocket League to incorporate new competitive tournaments and different challenges, which will allow you to collect experience points.

Note that the first online event of this new free era of Rocket League , entitled Llama-Rama, will arrive in the game from September 27, until October 12.

In the colors of Fortnite , another property of Epic Games, it will offer players five sets of challenges that will lead to rewards inspired by the famous battle royale .

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