International Women’s Day is in a month: Casual attire ideas for the business ladies

With International Women’s Day approaching we decided to gather the best business casual attire ideas for all the business ladies out there. So, what is business casual attire? Well, nowadays, more and more offices opt out for this dress code, instead of the strict business professional one. Good news for us, right? That way we have a lot more liberty when choosing our clothes for work. After all, finding something different to wear everyday is a chore in itself, so it’s easier to have some freedom. Furthermore, business casual attire allows you to show off your own sense of style and stand out from the crowd. So, in this article we are going to give you the “do’s” and “don’t’s” and we will show you some awesome and stylish ideas to steal.

Even though the business casual dress code gives you freedom, there are still some things that we should avoid. For example:

  1. Deep plunge necklines. Keep it classy and don’t show off too much skin. It is not very appropriate for an office environment.
  2. Mini skirts. Skirts are very feminine, but you should be careful with the length. The highest you can go is right above the knee.
  3.  T-shirts with big logos, funny quotes or photos. If you use a t-shirt, make sure it is simple and you can pair it with slacks or a high waist skirt with an interesting print.
  4. See-through tops or ones with very thin straps. Again, this shows off too much skin and is not appropriate.
  5. Washed jeans or ripped ones. Keep those for the walks in the park during the weekend. Instead, wear darker, simple, slim fitted jeans.

When it comes to what constitutes business casual attire, you really do have a lot of liberty. What’s more, you can choose your work style, based on the clothes and colours you like. Whether you like to keep things simple and stick with the usual black, navy and grey, or you want to express yourself with colourful statement, it is up to you. Do you like classy, stylish suits? Or, maybe, loosely fitting clothes? The choice is yours. But, always remember to choose clothes that fir your body shape. Also, create one style for yourself and stick to it. Some people go through different styles, never finding the one they feel most comfortable in. But, we believe in you, ladies, find what is best for you and base your wardrobe on that. When shopping think about what is in your closet. Always ask yourself the question “What can I pair this with?”.

Many women feel most comfortable in the regular suit. Suits are always a good, safe choice if you are working in an office environment. The difference between the business professional and the business casual suits is in what you are going to pair the suit with. The so-called power suits are very trendy amongst ladies right now. Their style is very similar to the male suits and they are almost always paired with heels. However, you can choose a suit with a more relaxed cut and pair it with sneakers, for example, or a plain shirt.

Business casual attire in grey, paired with sneakers

Another option is the high-waisted trousers. They are very chic and modern. You can get the pants in a bold colour and pair it with plain white or black shirt or turtleneck. This combination always looks stylish, especially when paired with beautiful shoes. Of course, you can always choose the black, navy or grey trousers and pair them with a shirt or blazer in an interesting print. Black trousers and a floral shirt, for, example, are very trendy and chic.

High-waisted trousers, paired with a white turtleneck and beautiful heels

Navy blue trousers, paired with a sweater

Mid-length trousers with a plain white shirt and open-toed heels

Bold hot pink trousers, paired with a plain white shirt and black shoes

Have you heard the “dress for success” saying? This bold look will definitely make you stand out and have all eyes on you. The red colour will bring all the attention to you.

Dress for success

If you are feeling brave, then an all white look might be just the thing for you. White jeans or slacks look amazing on women with a fit figure. When paired with the right shirt and blazer, they can make you look like a celebrity or a model from a fashion magazine.

An all white business casual attire

You can also make white slacks or jeans look a bit more casual, paired with just a sweater, or an interesting long vest.

White trousers with a grey blouse and a long sleeveless vest

Probably the most feminine piece of clothing is the skirt. Pencil skirts and midi skirts are very trendy right now and look very classy and timeless. Even if you choose a simple black or grey skirt, you can pair it with a beautiful shirt and make your look a bit more interesting.

A pencil skirt with a beautiful red shirt

If you are in a hurry in the morning and don’t really feel like layering your clothes, a dress might be your easiest way out. Same as the skirts, the dress should be the appropriate length and shouldn’t show off a lot of skin. A beautiful dress and a pair of heels or flats, what more could you possibly need?

Gorgeous dress paired with beautiful nude heels

Classic cut dress with an elegant blazer makes up for a timeless look

Business casual attire ideas for the suit lovers

Different trousers and shirt pairings that will make you look classy and elegant

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours

Classic white

Business casual attire ideas with beautiful skirts for every shape

Jumpsuits are very trendy and modern

Timeless and elegant dresses

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