In 2020, GO Battle League will go to Pokemon

GO Battle League

Niantic has announced that a Pokémon Go League will be coming to the game in 2020.

At this moment, Pokémon Go players can battle their friends in Pokémon battles to see who is the very best there is. Niantic is going to include a new feature called the GO Battle League, which allows players to challenge other trainers from around the world.

This new feature encourages trainers to walk around, and explore their surroundings. This is similar to how the main gameplay mechanic of Pokémon Go works; the main mechanic in Go is about walking around and capturing Pokémon on your phone. To gain entry to the GO Battle League you need to physically walk around with your phone.00:0000:00

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In this Battle League, players can compete in online matches against gamers from other parts of the world. The official statement on the Pokémon Go Live website also states that players can “rise in the ranks of the league”. The wording makes it seem as if there will be a ranking system for this Battle League, possibly suggesting there will be scores for players to keep track of. It could also just be a figure of speech, and the Battle League will be more a tournament-like feature in the game, where players can compete with opposing trainers in a series of matches to determine who the best of the best are. It is also possible that only trainers with a certain ranking can officially compete in the Battle League.

The GO Battle League is expected to come to Pokémon Go in early 2020.

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