How to Use Netflix Party Extension For Watching Movies

how to use Netflix Party Extension

how to use Netflix Party Extension

What Is the Netflix Party Chrome Extension?

Netflix Party delivers on the heavenly promise in its name. By syncing to users’ Netflix accounts it allows several people at a time to watch Netflix together. So whether you’re self-isolating or quarantined you can still have a social life.

But even though Netflix Party is completely free as long as you have a Netflix account, there’s a catch. At the moment Netflix Party is only available as a Google Chrome extension and it only offers text messaging. That means if you want to video chat with your friends while you Netflix and Isolate, Netflix Party may not be for you. Scener and Kast, as we covered before, do allow for video chat while streaming. And Kast isn’t even a Netflix exclusive application!

How to use Netflix Party Extension

  1. Go to and click “Get Netflix Party for Chrome.”
  2. That will take you to Chrome’s Web Store. You’ll then click “Add to Chrome” which will prompt you to “Add Extension.”
  3. You’ll then see the “NP” icon on the upper right hand side of your screen.
  4. Pick any film or movie you want. Click the “NP” icon and copy and paste the url of your selection.
  5. Click “Copy URL” and then send that link to any friend you like.
  6. When they open the link, voilà, they’ll see exactly what you do.


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