How to unlock bruen mk9: in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After years of speculation, a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s single-player campaignis finally here, bringing an enhanced version of one of the most iconic FPS games of the late 2000s onto modern hardware.

How to unlock bruen mk9 fast

The way to unlock this weapon is simple: you must get three kills when the enemy is near smoke using an LMG in 15 different matches. 

This challenge is generous, as you can use any LMG – including the assault rifle-like LMG the Holger-26 – and the enemy needs to simply be near the effects of a Smoke Grenade rather than inside its billowing smoke.

Here’s how you can unlock this weapon and start experimenting with it in the Gunsmith to potentially create your new favorite LMG:

Since the 1.20 update, players are finding new additions to the Warzone Battle Royale.

We were only aware of the new contract and armor satchel arriving in the popular Call of Duty mode, but it appears a new discovery has been made as a “Red Access Card” item is now appearing.

More files are being found that suggest the bunkers can be opened.

Here are the details on what it means for Call of Duty Warzone.0:21

Red Access Card Found In Warzone

Rumours about an easter egg within the map have been bubbling for a number of weeks, since its launch in March.

Players have discovered a bunch of bunkers, that will only open with a specific code. They’ve also discovered a number of phones and computer terminals that can be interacted with, but lead nowhere.

This could be the first step in this grand easter egg – Black Out (Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale) was filled with little Easter Eggs. While we’ve had to settle to subtle nods to Call of Duty lore, it looks like now is the time for things to escalate.


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