How To Steal Fortnite Security Plans From The Rig,Shark

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is all approximately secret agents, spies, and this honestly beefy cat for some reason. Players were recruited to enroll in certainly one of two special companies pulling the strings behind the curtain: Ghost or Shadow. Whichever strikes your fancy needs your assist in taking the alternative one down. That means engaging in some notable mystery, brilliant easy espionage.

The very last venture you need to complete to liberate the Brutus skin asks you to tug off a heist: steal security plans from the enemy. There are three distinct strongholds available for infiltration: the Yacht, the Shark, and the Rig. Don’t worry, right here are all the information you need to slip in and out of those fortresses with all of the grace and talent of James Bond himself.

steal security plans from the rig

How To steal security plans from the rig in Fortnite

The Rig is the oil rig that has been erected inside the water just west of the Slurpy Swamp. It is, naturally, populated via henchman who probably wouldn’t like you stealing plenty of anything, let alone mystery plans. Be wary of these guys, and of TNTina, the boss of this location who takes place to have an … Explosive personality.

In one of the buildings, you may discover the servers that incorporate the security plans. Snatch those up after which scram lower back to the mainland to supply the goods. Remember, you can handiest select one Brutus skin. Where do your loyalties lie: with Shadow or with Ghost?


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How to steal the Fortnite security plans from the Shark

 steal he Fortnite security plans from the Shark

Your easiest path here likely includes a quick prevent at one of the phone booths nearby. You can find them one underneath the bridge on the north-west side close to the helipad, at the island to the southwest, the southeast, or just the south. Plenty to select from.

The easiest manner to get to the plans is enter thru the cave on the east facet. Then go up one floor and find the server room, which is close to the main atrium. You’ll see a wall of servers. Mess around close to it till you get the interact prompt, do so, after which hightail it out of there with the plans.

Next, you will need to head to Pleasant Park to supply the plans to the faction mailbox of your choice. If you want to guide Ghost, positioned them in the white container by using the bus forestall. If you want to go along with Shadow, you’ll discover that box on the sidewalk on the northwest quit of town.

There’s as a minimum one other location that you could steal safety plans from. We’ll update this guide while we can display you the handiest strategy.

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