How To split screen on Fortnite Multi Players

split screen on Fortnite

This feature was eagerly awaited by many Fortnite players , it is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: the split screen . Indeed, since December 18 , you can play in duo or in sections with a friend on the same platform and thus on the same screen . Epic Games also released a video presentation and spoke about it discreetly in an article of patch notes.

On a split screen, you can now each play on the same game in local cooperation . We tested it for you and we tell you everything.

How to play split screen on Fortnite?

Do you want to play split screen on Fortnite? For example, to play in one of two modes? You should know that to use this feature, just connect a second controller, with an online account PSN (if you play both on PlayStation 4) or Xbox Live (if you play on Xbox One), and this must .

Then, the newly connected player can join the connection servers through a menu accessible on the first player’s screen (bottom right of the lobby). Once the connection is made and the game launched, you will play in a split screen in two where each will have half a screen to evolve.

Split Screen Notice

Our opinion, even if the affiliation was sometimes tedious, this game mode gives a new depth to Fortnite , which until now only offered to play only online and not locally. This can allow friends to play together at a party when before, one could play and the other had to watch.

We did not notice any particular bug or latency, but surely a good connection is necessary for it to be stable. Anyway, it is a feature that works fairly well and is set up fairly easily. Too bad it is necessary to have two accounts necessarily and not having the opportunity to play in guest mode .

Please let us know what you think of this new split screen feature in the comments. It should not be forgotten that this addition will allow you to carry out the team challenges (resuscitate a team member etc.) of the different missions , if you have not done them before.


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