How To Open Blair Witch Sawmill Lock

Blair Witch Sawmill Lock

In Blair Witch Sawmill Lock, you encounter two locks, the second being at the Sawmill on a gate. The lock code operates the same way as the previous one found in the bunker, except this lock is easier to crack.

How to get into the Blair Witch Sawmill ?

Find the red tape

The code is relatively close to the Sawmill; firstly you need to go to the building opposite the one nearest to the lock. Inside that building, you will find red tape on a table, watch it with your camcorder to manipulate the doors in the opposite building.

To begin with, the door is locked, fast forward the tape to where a man opens the door, pause it there. Now you will have access to the Sawmill, upon entering the building you will notice that there is nowhere else for you to go. Resume the tape; a running man will open another door inside the Sawmill, pause the tape there. A room will now be open for you.00:3101:01

Once you enter this room, you can find a note on the typewriter. To find the code you must search through the drawers, in there you will find a piece of paper with the numbers 3, 3, 2 and 4 written on it, this is the code you need for the lock outside.

Return to the gate

To enter the code correctly, you must move the first slider to the third slot, the second slider to the third slot, place the third slider in the second slot and finally put the fourth slider in the fourth slot.

When the code has been entered correctly, the lock will drop off the gate. Now you have access to what’s on the other side Blair Witch game lock.

How to open the lock at the sawmill in Blair Witch ?

There are not many complications here, to open it you will have to do it in the same way as with the bunker lock.

Go to the building in front of the one closest to the lock and enter, once inside you will see a red ribbon on a table.

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What is the red ribbon on the table for in Blair Witch?

This will help you to manipulate the doors of the opposite building, so do not think twice and get it.

The building near the sawmill lock is virtually locked when you first visit it. So using the red ribbon is necessary to open the first door. Once you leave the camera interface you can enter the sawmill.

Once inside you will have to go back to the tape and run towards the same direction as the one that is running at that moment. It’s in the drawers.

You no longer have to keep asking how to open the lock at the sawmill in Blair Witch, because in this guide we will tell you how to do it.

At one point in the game, about halfway to be a little more precise, you will find a Blair Witch lock in the sawmill that is not so complicated to open however it can be a bit tangled if you do not know what to do.

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