How to import/export Legends of Runeterra Deck Codes

Welcome to our Legends of Runeterra Deck Builds List, here you can view the Best Deck Builds for LoR Meta Game. Below we list many different Deck Playstyle Types, such as Combo, Ramp, Control, Ephemeral, Frostbite and more. We also included the Total Cost to build each deck with Shards, this will better help you plan out whether you really want to invest.

How to import Runeterra deck codes

You may find in various articles around the internet, including this one, that there are Runeterra deck codes. In order to use them you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  • Highlight the deck code and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl + C on PC). They look like something like this – CEBAGAICEUVTCBQBAUARGKBJGE3AEAIBAI4QKAIFB4MR2IJNAEAQCBID
  • Launch Legends of Runeterra and click Collection.
  • Click Decks, then click “Import Deck” at the top of the screen. We’ve circled it in our image above.
  • Paste the deck code (Ctrl + V on PC) and click “Import Deck”.

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As for how to export Runeterra deck codes, once you’ve finished creating them, simply click the Deck you wish to share, then click the “Share” button. This will generate the code to share your deck.

import legends of runeterra deck codes

How to export Runeterra deck codes

Now that you’ve figured out how to import decks, it’s time to look at how to export them to your friends. Again, head to the Collections tab and left-click on the deck you wish to share with a pal. Click the Share button and you’ll get a unique code. Send it to your friends and they’ll be able to import your deck using the method above.

This method is an easy but potentially costly way to build a superior deck in no time and should help you collect any key cards you’re missing to build a stronger deck. The open beta for Legends of Runeterra has started for PC players and it will be coming to mobile devices soon.

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