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How to get BP (Battle Points) in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Points (BP)

When you reach the end of the game in Pokémon Espada and Escudo, Battle Points (BP) are essential. You can only receive them after you have beaten the match. By beating the game, you open up many new markets in Pokémon Centers, where you can use it to buy exclusive items to help you form new Pokémon teams and improve them with the best stats.

The acquisition of BP is quite simple. At the end of the game, you access the Battle Tower, the colossal structure located at the top of the Galar map to the north. Head to this building and speak to the League coach in front of the red carpet in the upper left corner. From there, you have the chance to enter the battle tower to fight other coaches using a team of your choice.

All Pokémon reach level 50, so it’s essential to know how to fight with a limited number of Pokémon and not to use items. You can choose to participate in single or double battles, which consist of two Pokémon battles.

In a single battle, you can only take three Pokémon. In the duplicate battle, you can take four with you. After each fight you win against a coach, your entire team receives healing.

How to get BP in Pokémon’s sword and shield

To get the most BP (Battle Points) in Pokemon Sword, you want to visit these two divisions and do single and double Pokémon battles. Winning a fight in a single double reward two BP each. So even if they differ in style, they provide the same amount of BP each time. When you get started, you may want to hire a rental team that you can contact from the man on the right. He wears a green jacket. Talk to him quickly to see his options.

Once you’ve won multiple games and have a reasonable amount of BP, you need to start using the teams you’ve created or donating level 100 Hyper Training Pokémon, which requires capsules. Bottle caps are also essential and are an important item for which you want to spend your best price in the last game of Espada and Escudo.

There are five levels to navigate: Beginner, PokéBall, Grand Ballon, Ultra Ball, then Master Ball. Whenever you have to go from one level to the next, you have to face Leon to advance. You receive points of excellence, rewards and other exclusive items to move up the ranks. The higher you rank, the more difficult the fights, but the better the rewards.

You want a diverse team ready to face any Pokémon situation. Unfortunately, with such a list, you cannot prepare for every fight. However, by having a variety of different attacks on each Pokémon, you should ensure that all of the opponents you face on the tower are eliminated. Make sure you think about the attacks your Pokémon would do well, not just the type of Pokémon they are.

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