How to Choose The Best Mens Summer Wedding Attire – 66 Awesome Ideas

Summer is steadily approaching, and if you’re over 25, chances are at least one of your mates is getting married. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right outfit for the occasion – Archzine is here to help! We have selected 66 great mens summer wedding attire options, that are both stylish and cool, without being stuffy. But before we take a look at the examples, let’s briefly go through some of the most crucial style guidelines for guys.

Yes, there are some lucky few who get invited to a StarWars themed wedding and get to attend dressed as Stormtroopers but, for the rest of us, looking dapper is a must. After all, vintage or modern, seaside-themed or country chic, weddings are a usually a big deal, and you should dress accordingly, unless you want to experience the bride’s wrath. These tips will help you stay on the right track:

  1. Ditch the denim. Seriously. With so many cool trouser styles to choose from, you have no excuse to show up in jeans!
  2. Wear a blazer. Yes- even if it’s the height of summer. Opt for a stylish blazer made from a breathable fabric such as organic cotton or linen.
  3. Remember that it is always better to be overdressed, rather than underdressed, at a formal event.
  4. If you are going to a daytime wedding, don’t shy away from clothes made from light fabrics in bright colors (provided they are not t-shirts or jeans!)
  5. Those invited to an evening nuptials, on the other hand, should ideally attend dressed in darker colors.
  6. Don’t forget to have fun!

We cannot stress the importance of wearing a suit enough. Even if the ceremony is informal, it will still make a great impression and show that you respect the bride and groom, and appreciate them giving you an opportunity to share their special day. If you don’t like stuffy formal suits that make you look like a penguin – there are many cool alternative options you can try (such as the afore mentioned smart trouser and blazer combo), that don’t include jeans and Hawaiian shirts. You we love them, we promise!

A little side note to bear in mind, when getting ready for a wedding is that you should steer clear of black shirts, unless specifically told otherwise by the bride and groom. Similarly to the idea that female guests shouldn’t wear white, avoiding black shirts is simple wedding etiquette.

Tips for choosing the right suit

Mens summer wedding attire with a refreshing twist – matching mint green bowties!

Here is an excellent example of simple, stylish and relax wedding attire, that always looks great. A crisp white shirt and a classy dark suit, combined with quality leather brogues, a belt, and a pair of cool shades. Alternatively, if you are feeling romantic, you can consider coordinating the color of your tie with the outfit of your partner. If you are still unsure what to choose, your safest bet would be contacting the bride and groom, and asking them directly. There is absolutely no shame in that – after all, it’s their party, so they call the shots!

Stylish outfits for her and him

Cool blue suit and white sneakers combination

It’s all in the details

Mens summer wedding attire – dark blue suit with a colorful tie

Stylish couples ready for the big event

Brother of the bride? You’ve got to dress to impress!

Fashionable and elegant – we love these chic outfits!

Great looks for a daytime wedding

Going to a casual garden wedding? Take note from this stylish couple

Beautiful combination of pale blue and powder pink

His blazer and bowtie are so charming, that we are willing to look past the jeans

Dark blue is among the most versatile suit colors. It is suitable for virtually any season and can be worn at any formal occasion

Add some Hollywood glamour to your look

We love this cute vintage idea

Here is a comprehensive video listing all the major dos and don’ts of wedding etiquette

Opting for coordinated outfits will make picking the right outfit a lot easier

Mens summer wedding attire – adding a splash of color

Pals with matching outfits

Style tips for a wedding by the sea

Another cool suggestion for beach nuptials, that is both stylish and relaxed

An alternative version, combined with a light blue shirt

Suspenders are a great choice for vintage-themed or country-style weddings

This is what the perfect wedding guest should look like

Mens summer wedding attire – dashing and stylish

Grey suits are also an excellent choice

Take a look at ASOS’ wedding attire ideas

Cool coordinated outfits for a vintage wedding by the sea

You simply cannot go wrong with a three piece suit

It is always worth investing in an classic, elegant suit

Beige is great choice for breezy summer days

Black suit and a white dress – excellent choice for any formal event…as long as it’s not a wedding!

Stand out from the crowd with classy and stylish attire

Red suit, shirt and tie – a brave and unusual fashion statement

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