Horizon Zero Dawn Machines and prehistory

Horizon Zero Dawn Machines

Horizon Zero Dawn, award-winning open world action RPG for Playstation 4 and PC has fascinated millions of gamers since the first preview clips. The complexity and courage of the protagonist Aloy, combined with the great variety and magnificence of the settings and the creatures that populate them, have ensured this game a great longevity and notoriety.

The creators of the game, the Guerrilla Games team , has explored many of the aspects that make this title unique, from character design to the choices related to the creation and characterization of the characters , with dedicated talks and videos In this video, for example, they explain the creative concept behind the machines that populate the world of Horizon Zero Dawn :

For those who have played this title or even just for those who have seen some images of the Horizon Zero Dawn Machines , the combination of these with creatures from the prehistoric era is almost immediate. Based on this concept, we wanted to look for similarities in the attitude and appearance between the machines and prehistoric creatures .

The Celermorso

Horizon Zero Dawn Celermorso

Very similar to an alligator already at a first glance, the Celermorso in its aggressive temperament, in its size and shape resembles a Mastodontosaurus very much .

The mastodontosaurus was a gigantic amphibian, about 4m long, lived in Europe about 225 million years ago . To date, it is considered one of the largest amphibians ever.

The lookouts

Horizon Zero Dawn lookouts

Remember from every player of Horizon Zero Dawn for the annoyance caused in stealth missions, the lookouts for their attitude and their appearance are easily assimilated to the Velociraptor . Particularly aggressive with those who dare to cross their territory the Vedette, as well as their “predecessors”, do not leave pity to those who dare to violate certain areas. Due to the physical conformation, the lookouts can also be assimilated to the Oviraptor .

The Collolungo

Horizon Zero Dawn The Collolungo

The slender physiognomy, the truly unequivocal neck: the Collolungo seems almost a technological brother of the prehistoric Brachiosaurus. Peaceful both in temperament, very prone to long migrations and longevity, the Brachiosaurs , as well as the Collolungo , have always preferred habitats like large plains, capable of containing their enormous size.

The Emery

Horizon Zero Dawn Emery

Fly and create a lot of problems: we are talking about the Emery . It can be compared to the famous Pterodactyl at a first glance, but after some research we have found its “progenitor” much more similar. We are talking about the Microraptor : with a wing component much more similar to the Emery , it used to glide on its prey and then ended its dive assault, also exploiting its claws. Do you remember anyone?

The Machines of Horizon Zero Dawn let your imagination soar to references and a number of similarities, taking us from prehistoric times as in this case, up to the most modern post-apocalyptic future. For the moment let’s enjoy this jump in the past, preparing, hopefully as soon as possible, for a new announcement on this title.

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