Hitman 3 Safe Code for Dubai, Dartmoor Combinations

Hitman 3 Safe Code
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We introduce the six Hitman 3 Safe codes for these maps: Dubai, berlin, Dartmoor Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains. Hitman 3 needs to open some rooms and locked safes, so you need to use the hitman 3 safe code list below.

Hitman 3 secure codes always have 4 digit numbers to unlock locations and, the best way to save time by letting you take the challenge. The advantage of using many maps is always to help you succeed with your plans and missions, also to find extra items like some specific gun or weapon while finding the safe code.

Hitman 3 Codes and Combinations

Hitman 3 Safe Code

The six Hitman 3 codes list for Dubai, berlin, Dartmoor Mendoza, the Carpathian Mountains with their codes. Read on below to discover every Hitman 3 code combination and a safe combination I’ve found so far.

DubaiStaff Meeting Room in the Atrium4706
DubaiThird Floor Safe Combination6927
DubaiPenthouse Safe Combination7465
DartmoorCarlisle Office Safe Combination1975
BerlinHirschmuller’s Office Safe1989
ChongqingICA Facility Door Code118
ChongqingBenchmark Lab on Floor 42552
MendozaLaser System Key Code1945
MendozaVilla Basement Safe2006
Carpathian MountainsCarpathian Mountains Door Code1979

That is all the safe codes for the current missions in Hitman 3. Emboldened by knowledge, you can now get back to killing your targets.

We hope these Hitman 3 codes are helpful in your Missions and Locations, We are usually looking for new safe code updates. Please do not resist asking with comment and share us.

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