Heat Getting You Down? Cool Off With Our 80+ Small Backyard Pool Ideas

Summer is in full swing and most of us are dreaming of a refreshing getaway. Naturally, going to the beach is one of the most popular options, as it allows us to escape the oppressive heat, swim, and even get a tan. However, beaches can get awfully crowded this time of the year. Additionally, not everyone is fortunate enough to find the time and resources to take their family to a seaside vacation. If this is the case with you, it might be worth considering the option of getting a pool. On the first glance, this might sound like a very expensive and extravagant idea, but bear with us! Not all swimming pools are luxurious olympic-size monstrosities that cost an arm and a leg! Contrary to popular belief, there some very affordable and lovely small solutions, which will liven up your garden, and provide that much needed refreshing dip during hot summer days. Besides, getting a pool will end up saving you money in the long run, as you can spend your holidays relaxing in the comfort of your own home. In this article we would like to counter the widespread belief that only the extra rich can afford to own their own pool, by sharing our beautiful selection of small backyard pool ideas, complete with nifty tips and suggestions. So, read on!

Transform your garden into a zone of refreshing relaxation with our small backyard pool ideas!

Home pools fall in several categories, which vary in price and style. On the lower end of the cost spectrum, you will find inflatable pools. If you are picturing those tiny shallow things you used to play in when you were a kid – think again! Today there are many family sized options, that are very easy to set up and are an excellent way to cool down during the summer. While they are not as swanky as the “real deal” they have some huge advantages – not only will you save yourself lots of money (you can get an adequate family size inflatable pool for under $250) but you’ll be saving space too. Once the season is over you can just put the whole thing away. Plus, there are no leaks, no maintenance costs, and no need to pay professional cleaners. It’s definitely a great choice for households on a budget, or for the more practical and minimalistic individuals out there.

A great review of an inflatable pool, with setup tips and information on what to expect:

Another option you may want to consider are store-bought overground pools with metal frames. They are a little bit harder to set up, as you will need to assemble all the individual parts yourself. Once done, however, they are incredibly sturdy and very durable. In addition, they are available in lots of different sizes – you can get a smaller version for around $250, or a whooping 24ft x 52in one for under $800! Needless to say, they are also quite flexible – similarly to the inflatable pools mentioned above, when the season is over you can just packed them up and put them in storage. Besides, they come in some really cool designs!

We love this Hawaiian style garden pool!

small above ground pools, straw-like material, lining a tall round pool, built on a green lawn, and decorated with two flower pots

Finally, there are the in ground pools. Although they are more expensive, they offer a truly authentic, stylish and very relaxing experience. If you are willing to put in some work yourself, you can get a professional do-it-yourself kit for as little as $5,000 (or up to 10,000 for more complex models). The truly handy individuals out there may even try making a pool from scratch, using designs from a drafting service. Alternatively, if you want to treat to self to something a tad more luxurious, you can splurge for a professionally built swimming pool. But be prepared – this can cost you up to $25,000 or more!

This gorgeous zen setup can cost you less than you think!

metal gazebo with a sofa, near a modern off-white pool, surrounded by bamboo plants, small backyard pool ideas

Whichever pool type you decide on, we hope that you’ll enjoy it for many summers to come! Enjoy the gallery with inspirational suggestions bellow, and don’t forget to check out our website for more cool garden setup ideas. And remember – even if you’re strapped for cash, when there is a will, there is a way, as the video bellow clearly shows:

Want to build your own pool from scratch? This video will show you how!

Even the tiniest of pools can totally transform your garden!

sun beds in white, and a matching table, on a smooth triangular panel, placed in a garden, near a rectangular pool, small backyard pool ideas, grass and pebbles

Imagine having your very own relaxation zone

water pouring into a blue, rectangular swimming pool, from a waterfall-like faucet, small backyard pool ideas, patio with sun beds and a table, house with large windows

What more can you wish for on a hot summer’s day?

woman sunbathing next to an oval pool, and a little girl swimming inside, small backyard pool ideas, garden with green grass, and a house nearby

Check out this gorgeous design

modern patio pool, near a house, bench with three cushions, small backyard pool ideas, garden table with an umbrella, and several chairs

How about a lovely patio pool?

reddish-brown patio, with lacquer coated planks, containing a pool with irregular shape, small backyard pool ideas, black wall with a hammock

The perfect zen spot

pool patio ideas, round pool surrounded by wooden planks, and decorated with large stones, water flowing into the fool, from one of the stones

What this pool lacks in size, it makes up for in style!

steps leading to a pool, surrounded by clear glass panels, small backyard pool ideas, palm tree and green grass, wooden fence and patio

small inground pools, a set of two, surrounded by beige, and pale brown stone tiles, in a garden near a house

Small backyard pool ideas – we love the lush plants and vibrant colors!

backyards with pools, black and white sofa, with two matching tables, and colorful yellow and orange cushions, in a garden with palms, other plants and a pool

blue pool in a garden, with a patio, a fire pit, a sitting area, and various trees, small inground pools

pots with planted flowers, decorating a pool, surrounded by beige stone tiles, and containing a waterfall-like faucet, with running water, small inground pools, palm tree nearby

Why not go for a truly unique pool shape?

flowers planted in patterns, near a pool shaped like a violin, surrounded by pale cream tiles, backyards with pools

table with six chairs, near a blue rectangular pool, surrounded by grey tiles, small inground pools, with a glass fence

ferns and large brown stones, decorating the side of a pool, placed in a garden, small inground pools, water flowing from the stones

A lovely, classic garden pool

armchairs in black and white, with a small black table, in a garden, near a blue rectangular pool, small inground pools, white house and brown wooden fence

lounging chairs in white, placed on a wooden area, next to a blue pool, with a gazebo nearby, small inground pools, surrounded by grass and trees

well-like pool, lined with stone tiles, built above a slightly larger pool, and accessible via stone steps, small inground pools, garden and house nearby

You can recreate this setup in your own yard for under $1,000!

eight chairs around a rectangular table, on a patio, near a turquoise blue pool, pool patio ideas, house with a white roof

one story house, with a tiled roof, next to a roman-style pool, surrounded by a sheer brown fence, backyards with pools, garden table and chairs

small inground swimming pools, blue oval shaped pool, filled with water, on a terrace with black metal fence

Relax in your own backyard pool

pale wooden planks, lining the side of a rectangular pool, built next to a house, small above ground pools, a garden table, with four chairs nearby

panels made from clear glass, surrounding a blue rectangular pool, built in the corner of a yard, backyards with pools, patio and lawn

set of two pools, with five faucets, pouring water into the bigger one, green grass and a tiled path, backyards with pools, lots of green trees and a house

Did you know that water has calming properties which help relieve stress?

waterfall-like faucet, pouring water into a small pool, with a white staircase, backyards with pools, grey stone wall

irregularly shaped pool, surrounded by beige tiles, and small stairs, in a garden, next to a house, small inground swimming pools

postmodern building in white, with a rectangular pool, and a dark brown wooden gazebo, backyards with pools, a small patch of grass

Perfect symmetry

symmetrical set up, with a rectangular pool, surrounded by a small column, with a green plant, on each side, backyards with pools, wet wooden planks covering the ground

kidney shaped pool, with a small fountain, near a house with a lit porch light, small inground swimming pools, lawn with trees and shrubs

staircase and a small deck, made from pale, cream-colored wood, next to a garden pool, small above ground pools, houses in the background

The only downside of having a pool – your friends will never want to leave your home!

two women lounging in a tall, round pool with a white ladder, small above ground pools, in a garden next to a house

white rectangular pool, surrounded by pale wooden planks, pool patio ideas, garden table with four chairs, two sun beds

green shrubs and flowers, near a small, circular elevated pool, lined with bricks, and wooden planks, cool backyards

How to make your kids happy:

tool shed and various trees, in a garden, containing a small, round shallow pool, and a plastic slide, cool backyards, lawn with green grass and pebbles

mermaid decal on the bottom of a blue pool, filled with water, and surrounded by grey stone tiles, small inground swimming pools, three white sun beds nearby

lit fire pit, near a black and grey sofa, and two matching armchairs, roman-style pool nearby, garden table with four chairs, small inground swimming pools, three sun beds

We love this nifty retractable pool hood!

cover for a pool, made from clear, blue and black plastic, over a blue oval pool, small inground swimming pools, surrounded by beige tiles

cube-shaped pool, tiny and lined with concrete, near a small wooden bungalow, small above ground pools, photo taken in the evening

cool backyards, angular pool surrounded by greenery, with a lion statue made of stone, beige and orange tiles on the ground

Pretty Roman-inspired setup

wall with columns and plaster details, decorated in ancient roman style, near a blue pool, in a small garden, small inground swimming pools, stone covered floor

five large ornate vases, decorating a small wall, near a light blue pool, small inground swimming pools, garden with two wooden benches, covered in orange and pale blue cushions

shrubs planted in pots, near two small pools, in a yard surrounded by brick walls, and containing a table with chairs and benches, cool backyards, sun bed with cushions

Regardless of the type of pool you choose, one thing is certain – your kids will have tons of fun playing in it!

house with an open door, near a yard, covered in grey and beige stone tiles, containing a pool, with a child playing, cool backyards, two wooden chairs, and two sun beds

decorations made of stone, around a small pool, surrounded by beige stone tiles, cool backyards, spout-like construction, pouring water into the pool

metal faucet pouring water, into a small rectangular pool, surrounded by wooden planks, pool patio ideas, with stairs

Style meets edginess in this cool design

modern small pool, with a metal divide, surrounded by wooden planks, in a garden, containing a sofa and a table, cool backyards, house with an open window nearby

palm trees and various shrubs, in a garden with a small white shed, and a rectangular swimming pool, cool backyards, two white armchairs

purple flowers and cacti, in a yard with a small blue pool, orange sun bed, and a house in the background

The perfect reading spot on lazy summer afternoons

trees and shrubs, flowers and grass, in a green garden, containing a blue circular pool, striped sun bed nearby

night photo of a pool, lit from within, near a fire pit, in the back yard of a house, with a lit porch light

swing set and lots of tall trees, near a patio pool, with a tiny slide, small above ground pools, sleeping dog on the pool stairs

Lounging by the pool doesn’t get any better than this

disco ball and four hammock swings, hanging from a white wooden structure, built over a small rectangular pool

brick wall near a small pool, surrounded by stone tiles, green plates and two glasses, set near the pool

umbrella in red, near two metal sun beds, in a garden, containing a pool, decorated with stones

Lush garden + gorgeous small pool = perfection

fountain pouring water into a small pool, lined with grey tiles, and decorated with small green shrubs, and various other plants

oval pool filled with water, resting on a bed of white stones, in a yard with green grass, small above ground pools, wooden fence nearby

red flowers decorating the entrance of a house, small rectangular pool nearby, two sun beds, and a large yellow umbrella

Recreate your garden with our small backyard pool ideas!

horizontal and vertical small pools, in a garden with green grass, marble-like tiles, and various shrubs

angular tiny pool, surrounded by wooden planks, next to a bench, covered in cushions, pool patio ideas, sun bed and a tray with drinks

potted plants on a patio, leading to a white round pool, surrounded by pebbles, small above ground pools, on a green lawn

Time for a pool party!

fire pit surrounded by yellow sofas, in a garden with a turquoise pool, palm trees and flowers, photo taken at night

lights illuminating a small pool, near a shed, in a graden with pink and purple flowers, and various other plants

cream colored bungalow, with a small porch, containing two vintage armchairs, small classical rectangular pool nearby

Peace, tranquility, and the refreshing properties of water, in the comfort of your own home

bench and two sun beds, near a kidney-shaped pool,in a garden with bright green grass, surrounded by a white brick wall

four wooden steps, leading up to a pool, surrounded by a wooden surface, pool patio ideas, flower bed with pebbles, and a green plant nearby

desert plants in a small garden, with pebbles and beige stone tiles, containing a small pool, and three green sun beds

This pool may be small, but it has an amazing view!

circular pool on a terrace, covered in wooden planks, and featuring a wooden fence, pool patio ideas, with a forest view

classical rectangular pool, in a garden with green grass, shrubs and a tall tree, with a shed and two sun beds

candles decorating the edges, of a small blue rectangular pool, near a house with open glass doors, woman lighting a dandle nearby

The ideal spot for a refreshing dip!

dipping pool in blue, very small but deep, surrounded by various shrubs, in a garden with green grass

inflatable toy and a basketball net, near a circular pool, in a yard, covered by wooden planks, pool patio ideas, neighborhood houses in the background

teal colored pool, lined with wooden planks, in a garden with a stone wall, decorated with wooden details

Small backyard pool ideas for plant lovers

wooden stool near a bench, in a garden with lots of flowers and shrubs, containing a rectangular pool, lined with beige planks

miniature palms and other trees, in a garden with an overground pool, surrounded by stones, and flower beds, woman lounging on a sun bed, under an umbrella

concrete surrounding a small rectangular pool, in a yard with green grass, trees and shrubs, and two sun beds

Pool or beach? Why not both! Enjoy the sand and the waves, then unwind and take in the view!

seaside bungalow made of wood, with a rectangular patio pool, white sand and sea nearby

vivid green grass, in a garden containing a small blue pool, several sun beds and two umbrellas, a table with chairs

beige sun beds, with metal frames and wheels, near a rectangular turquoise pool, in a garden with trees, shrubs and grass

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and suggestions! Stay tuned for more great pool ideas coming soon!

narrow and long pool, in a yard covered with beige pebbles, green shrubs and other plants, house with a patio

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