Get One Year of Award-Winning Protection With Private Internet Access VPN for 58% Off

In the past couple of years, online privacy has become a hot topic. From social networks to government agencies, it can feel like everyone wants a slice of your personal data. Private internet Access VPN helps you avoid the snoopers, with a network of masking servers around the world. This award-winning service also helps you bypass restrictions and stay secure. Right now, you can get one year of service for $49.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Award-Winning Protection

Using a VPN is pretty essential if you value privacy. While some services will slow you down, Private internet Access VPN offers a reliable and speedy service.

By routing your traffic through masked servers, Private internet Access is able to disguise your IP address and physical location. In addition, all your data is protected by AES encryption. Combined, these features ensure that no-one can track you around the web or hack your connection.

Private internet Access VPN is available to download on all major desktop and mobile platforms. One subscription covers 10 devices, and you get unlimited bandwidth. And with 3,300 servers spread across 32 countries, you can sidestep geographic restrictions to stream your favorite shows.

Private internet Access VPN is the online guardian we all need in 2019. The service can block ads, shut down malware and prevent incoming attacks with a robust firewall.

One Year for $49.99

One year of service is worth $119.40, but you can get your Private internet Access VPN subscription now for $49.99.

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