Genshin Impact: End of the Line Quest Guide

This penultimate part of the Archon quest “Perilous Path” brings you to a dungeon with a rather complex puzzle. In the dungeon, “Realm of Trapped Illusions” one can easily find oneself lost and going around in circles. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get out and collect treasure along the way.

Yanfei et le monde 1

You will arrive in the first space-time with Yanfei. After a fight with thieves, you will need to change the position of the needle. Currently, only 2 positions are possible. So move the arrow to indicate another space-time and go through the door.
Feel free to explore the space a bit. You will find explosive barrels to detonate that will unlock treasure in the next world.

Yelan and the world 2

In this space-time, you will find Yelan. After a fight against Fatui, change world again.
(Do not hesitate to explore the surroundings, you will find a chest at the location of the explosive barrels)
To the right of the chonoporteur, you will find a tree preventing you from moving the needle.
To remove this tree, go back in time and cut the young shoot. When you return, the tree will be gone.

 If the tree is not present, you can go directly to the next paragraph. 

Advance the needle to the far right of the dial. The door will then indicate a red-colored world.

Don’t forget to open the gate to the right of the chronoporter.

Xiao and the world 3

In this third space-time, you will meet Xiao . This time you will have to resist against Bosacius with Xiao . No need to use your elemental (ultimate) rampage, you will only lose life, you just have to dodge the purple hands.

If the grid is open, eliminate the spider and change the needle to select the world at the bottom left of the dial.

If the chronoporter is blocked by a grid, go back to world 2 (that of Yelan) to open the grid.

The last space-time

In this new world, the chronoporter is complete, move the needle back to access the last world.]

After the cutscene, you can grab the chest in the center and complete the quest.

The final word

That’s it for this guide, and enjoy the rest of the quest and future revelations.

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