VaultSymbols Fortnite: Where to search VaultSymbols

vault symbols fortnite

Fortnite Vault Symbols are the name of the game in the latest Welcome to Pandora challenges, and you need to search three of them in order to complete the challenge. This is part of the Fortnite X Mayhem event which brings the famous world of Pandora from the Borderlands series to Fortnite, along with a series of challenges. Search different Vault Symbols is one of them, and while you only need to search three, there’s five Fortnite Vault Symbols in total.

a close up of a map: Fortnite Vault Symbols Map

Fortnite Vault Symbols: Where to search Vault Symbols in the Welcome to Pandora Borderlands challenges

Fortnite Vault Symbols

Fortnite Vault Symbols locations

a close up of a toy store: Fortnite Vault Symbols

The map above shows the location of all five Fortnite Vault Symbols, contained within the Pandora Rift Zone in the south-east part of the Fortnite map. Here are all five locations explained, so you know exactly where to go. Don’t forget to actually search the symbols instead of just visiting them though!

Fortnite Vault Symbols

1. On a stack of yellow containers in the north-west corner

Fortnite Vault Symbols

Head to the north-west corner of Pandora where the oasis is, and you’ll see a stack of yellow containers. On the middle one is a Fortnite Vault Symbol that you’ll need to build up to in order to search.

2. On the back of the billboard along the roadside to the west

Fortnite Vault Symbols

As you approach Pandora from the west, you’ll see a huge billboard by the side of the road. Look at the other side and you’ll see a huge Vault Symbol. Build up to it and search it to check one off the list.

3. In the south-east cluster of shacks, on a propped up yellow door

Head into the small cluster of shacks on the other side of the road from the enormous billboard and in the left corner as soon as you enter is a yellow door, propped up against a wall with another Vault Symbol on.

4. Entrance to the south-east village, on a yellow door

The next one is on another yellow door, but this time further along the road to the east. Walk along the main road then turn right before you cross the bridge and you’ll see it right at the front of the town.

5. Back of a bus stop at the end of the highway

Keep following the road right to the opposite side of Pandora and you’ll come across a bus stop on your left. On the back of it is a blue door propped up with the fifth and final Fortnite Vault Symbol on.

That’s all of them! All of the Fortnite Vault Symbols we’ve found anyway, and since you only need to search three to complete the challenge, this should be more than enough. Good luck out there, hunter.

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