Fortnite Ace’s Exotic Weapons Vending Machine Locations

Epic has made several interesting changes in the second season of the ongoing fourth chapter. Fortunately, Vending Machines are still in the game and provide players with useful items, from weapons to healing consumables. This article will reveal all of the Vending Machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

Where to find Ace’s Exotics and Ace’s Armoury vending machines in Fortnite. Ace’s Armory and Ace’s Exotics vending macines are found in place of regular vending machines. These are generally found at every named location, though there are some at smaller areas too.

What’s inside the Fortnite Vending Machine?

Fortnite Vending Machine, Features 4 Inch X-Lord Action Figure, Includes 9 Weapons, 4 Back Bling, and 4 Building Material Pieces.

All Mending Machine locations Chapter 4 Season 2

  • Brutal Bastion
    • Northwest of Brutal Bastion, at the Beep N’ Bounce gas station
  • Frenzy Fields
    • North of Frenzy Fields, at the Hitches and Ditches gas station
  • Kenjutsu Crossing
    • In between Kenjutsu Crossing and Knotty Nets, at the Fallow Fuel gas station
  • Mega City
    • North of Mega City, at the Slap N’ Go gas station
    • In the bottom-left corner of Mega City
  • Slappy Shores
    • In the northwest corner of Slappy Shores, on the side of the gas station

Fortnite Ace’s Exotic Weapons Vending Machine – Locations Chapter 4 Season 8

  • Believer Beach: Look to the western side of this POI by the gas station
  • Viking Vessel: This Mending Machine is at the northwest gas station.
  • Pleasant Park: Go to the gas station on the east of Pleasant Park.
  • Boney Burbs: This one is at the gas station to the northeast corner.
  • Sludgy Swamp: Go to the north of this POI and find the gas station at the intersection.
  • Hydro 16: Find this on the west wall of the gas station to the south.
  • Blue Steel Bridge: You will find this Mending Machine on the outside of the eastern building. Y: This landmark intersection is to the west of Steamy Stacks. Look for the gas station.
  • Green Steel Bridge: There is a gas station with a Mending Machine to the north of the bridge.
  • Gas N’ Grub: Inbetween Lake Canoe and The Aftermath is a Gas N’ Grub with a Mending Machine.
  • Lazy Lake: The southwest corner of Lazy Lake has a gas station with a Mending Machin.
  • Catty Corner: Go to the gas station in the south portion of this location.

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