Fortnite Food Truck, All Locations and Places in Chapter 2

Food Truck Fortnite Locations

Food Truck Fortnite Location

I’ve made a map of where you can find three food trucks to complete this challenge. There are probably more than three food trucks on the map, but you only need three, so you might as well use these ones.

Fortnite Remedy Vs. Toxin Overtime Challenges are finally live for Food Truck Fortnite Chapter 2, and they ask players to visit different Food Trucks. In this guide, we’ll reveal the locations for all three Food Trucks and detail the rest of the challenges you can complete.

Dance Between 2 Food Trucks Fortnite

2 Food Trucks Fortnite
two Food Trucks Fortnite

Downtown Drop is a limited time mode within Fortnite with a difference – it’s set within a couple of streets, laden with ramps and coins, instead of the map we’re so familiar with.

On these streets are two Food Trucks. To find them, you need to head down the street until you reach the second corner, where they will be on the outside.

Red Food Truck Fortnite

Red Food Truck Fortnite - Food Truck Fortnite Location

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