FOCI: This Tiny Wearable Helps Improve Your Ability to Focus

This sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but there’s actually a wearable device out there that can help you focus. It seems like nonsense, but the folks at the Tinylogics Team have created a device called FOCI that promises to keep you on task just by clipping a small device close to your body.

FOCI – How Does It Work?

At its core, FOCI is able to monitor your breathing patterns. While that’s cool, it’s not particularly useful unless it’s able to do something with the information gleaned from that info.

The tiny wearable promises to be able to take the information from your breathing patterns and use that to understand what’s happening inside your head. It can read six different mind states—distracted, fatigued, calm, focus, flow, and stress—and let you know which one you’re experiencing at that time through its app.

If you’re trying to focus and you become distracted, FOCI will vibrate, giving you a reminder that you need to stay on task. Also, if you’re close to the point of reaching attention fatigue, there are audio cues within the app that will tell you to take action to prevent it from occurring.

Because the device can tell whether you’re focused or not, it actually has exercises that’ll help you improve your ability to stay on task little by little. It will analyze past results and set goals for improvement, which could help make you more productive in the long run. It also has cognitive training programs that are tailored to each person, and that sounds like something that could be quite promising for people who need to get a lot done.

FOCI Availablity

The creators of FOCI are seeking funding on Indiegogo to bring their project to market. The device is actually already shipping to backers as of April of this year. If you’re interested in ordering one, you can grab a device for $79. The creators promise that backers who order at this price will receive their devices in July of 2019.

Even though this is already in the shipping stages, make sure you’re aware that there are still some risks that come with backing crowdfunding projects.

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