Fairy Gardens – Remembering The Whimsical Magic of Childhood

When we are young, we have the wonderful ability to see beauty and magic all around us. As we grow up, however, life becomes increasingly busy and stressful, and most of us tend to lose this skill. Today, we invite you to reawaken the imaginative child within you and enter the world of fantasy once again, with our fairy garden ideas! Whimsical and cute, these little green gems fill us with happiness and nostalgia. Plus, they are very easy to make, and are an excellent project to try with your kids. Even if you don’t own a garden, you can still create a little fairy succulent terrarium or flower pot for your home. To help you, we have selected several fun and straightforward tutorials, as well as many inspiring suggestions. So, let’s get started!

You are never too old to dream and to appreciate beauty

This adorable flower pot is one of our favorite fairy garden ideas! Learn how to make it in the description below:

orange ceramic pot, decorated with pebbles, moss and a small door, made from painted moulding clay, ivy and other plants inside, fairy garden ideas

What you’ll need:

Instructions and photo tutorial:

First, prepare your materials

materials needed for making a fairy house planting pot, pebbles in a net bag, empty ceramic pot, fairy garden ideas, stickers and little clay ornaments

Begin by sticking a fairy door to the flower pot, using the super glue. Leave aside to dry, and then begin adding the pebbles, sticking them as densely as possible.

hand sticking a small pale pebble, to an orange ceramic pot, decorated with a tiny painted clay door, fairy garden ideas, beige and brown pebbles

Next, stick some moss in the empty spaces between the pebbles, ensuring that the surface is entirely covered

sticking green moss between pebbles, stuck on an orange ceramic pot, fairy garden ideas, tiny 3D door sticker, made of plaster or clay

Now add the finishing touches – the gardening tools, mushrooms and any decorations of your choice

home sweet home, written on a small sign, attached to a decorated ceramic pot, fairy garden ideas, pebbles and little mushroom decorations, tiny painted door

Voila! Your beautiful fairy home flower pot is complete!

close up of the completed decorated planting pot, fairy garden ideas, ivy and other green plants inside, pebbles and other decorations

All it needs to come alive are some gorgeous flowers

completed decorated planting pot, orange with pebbles, a tiny door and moss, little mushroom ornaments, fairy garden ideas, hot pink flower planted inside

A wonderful (and really easy to follow) time lapse tutorial for making a fairy succulent garden:

How about making a cool door decoration? We love this whimsical and cute fairy tale wreath!

how to make a fairy garden wreath, finished spring decoration, with tiny figurines, moss and dried plants, inside an aluminium cooking pot, decorated with green flowers, and hung on a door

What you’ll need:

  • Shallow aluminium cooking pot
  • Large flower foam sponge
  • Dried wheat stalks
  • Arts and crafts moss
  • Artificial foliage leaves and one faux sunflower
  • Small decorative figurines (We used a tree, a little deer and a tiny wooden fence, but you can choose other ones, if you prefer.)

Instructions and photo tutorial:

Begin by sticking the foam sponge inside the cooking pot, then carefully stick some dried wheat stalks on top

fairy garden wreath diy, large pale green sponge, stuck in an empty metal cooking pot, decorated with dried wheat stalks

Make sure the sponge is entirely covered!

sponge entirely covered in dried wheat stalks, stuck inside a metal cooking pot, spring forest wreath idea, fairy garden

Now, add the moss

applying glue on a piece of moss, using a pink glue gun, placing the moss on top of a sponge, decorated with dried wheat stalks, fairy garden inside a metal cooking pot

Once done, start decorating!

miniature deer figurine, placed near a tiny tree, small wooden fence, and 2 dried mushrooms, by two female hands, fairy garden with wheat stalks, inside metal cooking pot

Next, stick some artificial foliage leaves to the bottom of the pot…

faux green leaves, being stuck to aluminium cooking pot, containing little 3D fairy garden, with tiny tree and deer figurine, several pieces of green moss

…followed by the faux sunflower

fake sunflower being added to a spring wreath, made from aluminium cooking pot, containing fairy garden, little figurines and wheat stalks, moss and dried mushrooms

Optional step – if you decide to make this wreath for Thanksgiving, you can add some yellow paint to your tree – this will create a warm autumn feel

decorating little tree ornament with yellow paint, 3D fairy garden, inside an aluminium cooking pot, with two dried mushrooms, deer figurine and other decorations

Finally, stick some artificial foliage around the pot to complete the wreath

looking at the nearly completed fairy garden wreath up close, moss and tree figurine, tiny deer ornament, faux flowers and leaves

And here is a great outdoor idea:

One of the cheapest, easiest and most creative fairy garden ideas – the tea cup terrarium! It’s no mess and takes only a few minutes to complete, making it a great project for young children

tiny white tea set, on a small mushroom table, with two matching chairs, placed in a small garden, how to make a fairy garden, with moss and a faux tree, inside a porcelain teacup

What you’ll need:

  • A porcelain teacup and saucer
  • Some pebbles
  • Planting soil
  • A selection of small succulents
  • Tiny plastic mushroom ornaments
  • Fairy themed decoration (we used a tiny doll house chair and a cute mushroom garden set

Instructions and photo tutorial:

Begin by putting a few pebbles in your teacup

porcelain teacup in white, with a pink and green floral motive, and s matching saucer, half filled with pebbles in different colors, how to make a fairy garden

Then, add a small amount of soil and plant a couple of succulents

succulents of three different kinds, planted in dirt, succulent fairy garden, inside a delicate porcelain cup, with yellow and pink floral motive, and golden details

Finally, add cute decorations of your choose. Easy-peasy!

chair tiny white ornament, placed on small pebbles, inside a porcelain teacup, with matching saucer, succulent fairy garden, mushroom decorations and three succulents

If you’d rather avoid using real plants, you can substitute them for artificial ones!

saucer and teacup in white, with pink rose pattern, containing miniature garden, how to make a fairy garden, with mushroom table and chairs, and a tiny tea set, held by a woman

Don’t throw your broken flower pots away – you can transform them into gorgeous planters!

Isn’t this night-time fairy garden just gorgeous?

lanterns and tiny string lights, inside a night-time fairy garden, white mushroom figurines, pebbled path and various green plants, miniature teal-colored shabby door

painted tiny moulding clay table, with matching chairs, made to look like made from wood, how to make a fairy garden, bonsai tree and moss

Adorable party-themed fairy garden ideas!

banner with the words happy birthday, inside a miniature fairy garden, with a tiny table, and chairs made from champagne caps, tiny cake and plates, various green plants

white porcelain teacup, filled with fir branches, holly berries and little christmas figurines, with a white banner, reading happy christmas, matching white saucer

Kids will love this creative, whimsical idea:

door in vintage style, made in miniature size, with golden knocker and door knob, attached to the trunk of a tree, near two pairs of tiny rain boots, and gardening gear

diy fairy house, little wooden house decoration, inside a tiny garden, with small plants, grass and small tiles, model pots with artificial flowers

Can you spot the tiny garden gnome?

shrub inside a large, dark blue planting pot, containing small green plants, tiny table and two chairs, painted to look like wood, succulent fairy garden, little dish with succulents and a gnome figurine

gnome tiny figurine, inside a miniature yellow ceramic dish, seen in close up, succulent fairy garden, placed in a large pot with different plants and ornaments

gazebo and bench, table and two stools, bucket and bird house, all made from wood-like material, in a large pot, containing pebbles and plants, and a green bonsai tree

lounging chairs made of light wooden material, tiny figurines placed on pebbled surface, near miniature artificial pond, succulents and a bonsai tree

If you like crafting with mason jars, here is a fun, kid-friendly idea:

jars with snap lids, filled with fine beige sand, green moss and succulent, with little figurines, succulent fairy garden, painted wooden mushrooms and gnomes

house-shaped garden decoration, made from ceramic or moulding clay, placed on a forest floor, diy fairy house, near green shrubs and branches

antique metal statue of a fairy, placed near a small arch, made from twigs and ivy, garden with various plants, and a miniature house in the background, fairy garden pictures

Even if you don’t own a garden, you can decorate your home with a lush fairy-themed ornament

pink miniature swing, hanging from a dried branch, fairy garden pictures, decorated with purple and pink flowers, and green mossarch made of tiny woven branches, near ferns and other green plants, in a moss covered pot, decorated with a tiny fairy house, and mushroom figurines

wire arch decoration, inside a miniature garden, with tiny white wrought iron table and matching chairs, tiled floor and picket fence, fairy garden pictures, various small green plants

Miniature garden with flower beds and a vegetable patch!

vegetable and flower beds, of miniature size, inside a tiny garden, fairy garden pictures, with small wooden shed, and glass greenhouse

turte and snail, squirrel and gnome, and tiny gourd figurines, decorating a large ceramic pot, containing small burrow-like house ornament, fairy garden pictures, various flowers and plants

stone house ornament, placed in a garden, with many different flowers and plants, how to make a fairy garden, tiny figurines of a horse and a fairy

A perfectly arranged succulent garden

succulent fairy garden, inside several ceramic dishes, decorated with green moss, tiny round tiles, and a miniature water well

ladder of tiny size, and small door ornament, fairy garden pictures, three orange ceramic pots, stacked on top of each other, and filled with pebbles, dirt and various plants

Work in progress…

fairy garden pictures, garden with lots of gray stones of different sizes, decorated with two miniature houses, several green plants and tools

…and completed!

elaborate garden set up, including two fairy houses, a tiny winding staircase, several figurines and accessories, how to make a fairy garden, different kinds of plants

Adorable fairy garden in the palm of your hand

fairy garden images, large mug in red, with white polka dots, filled with fine sand, decorated with tiny dark green bench, small sign reading my miniature garden, green grass and others

decorations for gardens, three small houses, made from sticks and bark, straw and pebbles, fairy garden pictures, garden with tiny flowers and green plants

Encourage your little ones to spend more time playing outside, by recreating their favorite films in miniature form

plastic animal figurines, Bambi and his friends, placed on green moss, near artificially made miniature stream, with pebbles and a tiny bridge, made of sticks, fairy garden images

snail shell in pale beige, placed on several pebbles, and filled with a tiny garden, made from colored moulding clay, fairy garden images, tree and glass, lake and stones

winding stone stairs, of a tiny size, near black wire gazebo, little white bridge, a decorative house, and other ornaments, diy fairy house, in a garden with different flowers, placed inside a large greenhouse

moss-covered birdhouse, with tiny ladder, decorating a small garden, fairy garden images, inside a metal bucket, containing pebbles and moss, several small green plants

A tiny fairy home

red door with golden knocker and handle, two windows and flower pot with artificial flowers, all of miniature size, , diy fairy house, stuck on a tree with large tree fungi

brown metal bridge figurine, placed inside a small garden, near fairy statuette, in white and green dress, and holding a branch with purple berries, fairy garden images, miniature birdhouse and stones

layered-effect broken ceramic pot, decorated with a tiny house, miniature birdhouse and two fairy figurines, fairy garden images, several different small green plants

bench-shaped miniature wooden figurine, inside a large ceramic pot, with daisies and tiny white flowers, fairy garden images, decorated with a yellow and green fairy figurine, holding a shovel

bouquet with pink, red and orange roses, and several white flowers, placed in a garden, near a small angel statue, holding a lantern, fairy garden images, foliage in the background

A clever idea for re-using broken flower pots!

broken pot transformed into a diy fairy house, decorated with faux stairs, green moss and pebbles, cactus and a hand-painted ceramic house figurine

countryside style diy fairy house, with miniature shabby furniture, many tiny items, dried plants and flowers, moss and bark

couple of red miniature armchairs, on green and pale beige moss, inside a miniature fairy garden, with tiny house and goldfish pond

believe written with pink letters, on a board next to a fairy house ornament, made to look like a small tree, with pink flowers roof, two blue mushroom figurines, and many green plants

fir branch and many different flowers, and green plants, inside a large gray bowl, with pebbles and fairy figurines, pansies and daffodils

dark blue roof, light blue beams and window frames, and a bright blue door, on a miniature fairy house ornament, placed on a forest floor, near white toy bridge

This underwater-effect succulent garden is the perfect gift for mermaid-fans!

sea-side inspired succulent fairy garden, with fine gray sand, and tiny figurines, treasure chest and grabs, sand castle and mermaid

birdbath of a miniature size, placed near a diy fairy house, with moss-covered roof, and tiny ladder, in a garden with pink, red and yellow flowers

pale pink and purple flowers, with dashes of yellow, planted inside a large beige pot, decorated with a miniature blue wrought metal arch, with gates and a fairy figurine

teapot in white, with two different kinds of succulents planted inside, near succulent fairy garden, made inside a teacup, decorated with miniature white stool, and several tiny plastic mushrooms

castle fairy tower, made from painted plaster or clay, inside a broken ceramic pot, with little stairs, bonsai tree and shrub, various tiny green plants

wagon or traveller's diy fairy house, made from tiny, painted wooden planks, bark and sticks, little metal ornaments, garden ion the background

And here are some more magical fairy garden ideas:

stacked white pots, containing several green plants, and decorated with pebbles, a tiny wooden bridge, several marbles and a hedgehog figurine, and a small table for fairies, with matching chairs  artificial pool surrounded by stones of various sizes, in a garden with many different kinds of green plants, decorated with miniature fairy house made of stone, a tiny bench, and a small table with matching chairs   autumn-themed fairy garden, inside a metal bucket, with yellow flowers, and a pink and green air plant, decorated with small house, and a figurine of a fairy, sitting on a miniature pumpkin cart

four photos explaining how to make a fairy garden, large green planting bowl, several potted plants and materials, arranging the plants, decorating with figurnines

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