F22 OPVS-2000 V1.1

1. Fixed errors in the log
2. Changed the size of the textures, except for the wheels (left 2048×1024, because 1024×512 is very soapy)
3. Modified version of ModDesc and price in description
4. Removed main collision texture
5. Fixed light, now sources are displayed correctly on the ground
5. Replaced screenshots

Plant manufacturer: Rostselmash
Model: OPVS-2000
Price: 11700 €
Working speed: 15 km/h

Additional options:
Choice of barrel color: yellow, milky, stainless
Choice of frame color: green, red, red, blue, gray
Choice of sticker color: white, yellow, red, red
Choice of disc color: green, red, red, blue, gray, milky
Wheel configuration Fender configuration, fenders Lighting configuration Bumper configuration,
fan guard Trailer mounting configuration

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Mirror link

FS22_OPVS_200013 MB

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