Dying Light 2 : All Safe codes List 2022

Dying Light 2 : Safe codes

Chruch, Baazar Dying Light 2 Safe Codes List

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is a really interesting title, full of things to do and activities to do, so we thought of this guide dedicated to the codes of the safes in the game.

As you may have noticed while playing Dying Light 2: Stay Human, during the adventure you will come across some safes closed with a security code, often finding it can take a long time. Our guide is born from this need, in such a way as to facilitate the issue.

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Where to find all safe codes in Dying Light 2: Stay Human? Here is the guide

Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes

In Dying Light 2: Stay Human there are several today of value, some of the most precious are certainly found inside the safes with the security code. There are a total of 7 safes in the game, obviously placed in some specific places. Here’s where to find them:

  • Safe 1
    You can find it at the San Giuseppe hospital, during the search for biomarkers, the code is 973,
  • Safe 2
    You find it during the treasure hunt for the water tower in the muddy terrain, the code is 032167. 
  • Safe 3
    During the search for the Moonlight, in the horseshoe-shaped water tower, the code is 1492. 
  • Safe 4
    North of Cherry Windmill, in the Hounsfield region, the safe is located in a Nightrunner’s hideout, the code is 101. 
  • Safe 5
    Find the military safe on top of the military building near the bandit camp in Downtown, the code is 313.
  • Safe 6
    In the power station behind sector C, the code is 314. 
  • Safe 7
    At the top of the bell tower of the Bazaar church, the code is 510. 

This is all in our guide dedicated to safe codes for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, we hope we have been useful to you.

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