Duty Report Password For Astral Chain Game

Astral Chain isn’t all about fighting Chimera, although the games fantastic combat is certainly a highlight of the game. You’ll also need to do some good old fashioned police work in the form of investigating, you can be a good citizen by cleaning up trash, and you can even care for stray cats. As you play through the game Astral Chain Guide, you will eventually need the Duty Report password as well.

The Duty Report Password Astral Chain: What Is it?

The Duty Report password is actually 1125, which also just happens to be the birthday of the twin protagonists. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise as the Duty Reports are all written by Max, their father. 

While reading the Duty Reports, be sure not to close them until you are done, or else you’ll need to restart File 6 to get another peek at them. All the Duty Reports appear to be quite wholesome though, and you can learn a lot about the kind of person Max is by reading them. 

The Duty Report Meaning :

Those who are interested in the game’s story will eventually need a password to access the Duty Report. The Duty Report provides a goldmine of information about the main characters and their past because it was written by the father of the twin protagonists, Max. Players who want to read some heartwarming notes from the player character’s dad will be well satisfied with poring through his Duty Report.

The Duty Report can be accessed while playing through File 06. However, players should make sure that they have the time to fully peruse the contents of the Duty Report before opening it. After closing the Report, there will not be another opportunity to read it unless File 06 is re-started from the beginning. The Duty Report will also come up again later in the game Astral Chain Quiz, during a section in which players must review all of their files.

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Without spoiling anything, you will also come to a portion of the game where you need to review all your documents, so will once again have a chance to read the Duty Reports. 

And that’s it! Just to reiterate, the Duty Report password is 1125, and they really are worth reading if you have been enjoying the story and the relationships between the characters. 

Players can figure out the password to the Duty Report by channeling the detective skills of Astral Chain’s main characters. Despite working for the police in the tech-soaked future of Astral Chain’s setting, the protagonists’ father figure Max is a little lax on password security. The secret code to his notes can be easily guessed based on a little knowledge about his personal life. The code is 1125, the birthday of his twin children and main characters of the game.

After entering the code 1125, players will be treated to all the contents of the Duty Report.

Not only is the Duty Report a necessary document during later portions of the game, but accessing it early rewards players with a deeper dive into the story. The Duty Report is one among many extra ways that players can explore the game’s larger setting. Astral Chain tips to keep players occupied and entertained.

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