Dragon Raja for PC Download (2022 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Dragon Raja pc download

Dragon Raja for PC

Dragon Raja for PC (also known as “Garena Dragon Raja” or “Dragon Raja”) is a Free 2 Play mobile battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio from Vietnam and published to the worldwide audiences by Archosaur Games. Built from the ground up to provide optimized online multiplayer experience to iOS and Android players, this online-only action-adventure Battle Royale game managed very quickly to attract the audience of over 450 million registered users on iOS, Android and PC users who can access the game via modern emulation apps.

Dragon Raja respects all the core tropes of the modern Battle Royale genre, including deploying on a island battle arena map via an airplane, land in a location of their choosing and start searching for weapons, weapon attachments, armor pieces, and useful tools needed not only to traverse the dangerous environment that is constantly shrinking down to the area of the final battle but also to survive the attacks from other players around them. The tense and tactical combat offered by Dragon Raja GameLoop enables players to become fully inversed into the action survival gameplay that is optimized to last just a dozen minutes, which is a perfect amount of time to hold the attention of mobile users both at home and on the go. The core gameplay mode supports a maximum of 50 active players.

Dragon Raja pc download

To make each engagement unique and challenging, developers of Dragon Raja have created a cast of 18 unique playing characters that players can upgrade, customize with various cosmetic items, and take advantage of their special abilities. For example, professional bodyguard Nikita has eight levels of special upgrades that can boost the reload speed of submachine guns and unlock her special cosmetic gear. The special abilities are centered not only on offensive capabilities but also on boosting defensive and various other gameplay stats (healing speed, inventory size, etc.).

As for the weapons, the game offers the assortment of over 30 weapons separated in nine distinct categories – Launcher, LMG, SMG, Melee, AR, Pistol, Shotguns, Bows, and Snipers. Each weapon has their own base stats, which can be boosted by finding and equipping the following attachments – Silencer (reduces bullet sound and reduces visibility of the muzzle flash), Muzzle (prevents damage reduction for far shots), Foregrip (reduces bullet spread), Magazine (increases clip size) and Optical scope. Some of the weapons come pre-attached gear, while the vast majority of them require players to find attachment either on the field or from the inventories of defeated opponents.

In addition to the seamless support for gameplay on modern iOS and Android devices, with visual optimization for slower/older devices and intuitive-touch friendly interface, Dragon Raja for Desktop can also be played on home PCs (both desktops and laptops) via modern Android emulation like a GameLoop. This version of the game can take full advantage of modern PC rendering architecture, traditional control set, a wide array of customization and network play.

Dragon Raja is available right now under F2P license, with all game modes unlocked from the start and wide array of cosmetic items and seasonal unlocks available from within the app.


Dragon Raja Download PC

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