Dance near Pleasant Park – Fortnite Challenge

Dance near Pleasant Park Fortnite 2021

Are you need to complete the dance near Pleasant Park in Fortnite challenge?

Pleasant Park is one of the oldest towns in Fortnite. The locality is located in the northwest of the map and it is there that you can find a football field, a ton of houses … For week 10 of the challenges of season 5 of chapter 2 from Fortnite, Epic Games wants players to “dance near Pleasant Park.”

This challenge seems relatively straightforward given that the city is gigantic, but there may be something more difficult than we haven’t figured out yet. Either way, if the challenge requires going to a specific location, we’ll update this article.

Where to dance in Pleasant Park?

Officially, there is no clear information. This means that you can dance anywhere and the challenge should be validated. If you ever have to go to a very specific location for the challenge, this article will be updated. Pleasant Park is located to the northwest of the Fortnite map, as shown on our map below.

You can dance anywhere in Pleasant Park to complete the challenge.

To dance, remember that you just need to perform an emote. Emotes are available through your emote wheel with the B key by default on PC. Either one work, which means if you’re doing a dance, a move, or whatever, it should work without a hitch.

We hope to complete the challenge of this week.

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