D23 Members get 3 Years Subscription to Disney Free membership

This weekend, at the annual D23 Expo, where Disney shows off lots of new and upcoming Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars related stuff, attendees were offered a special 33% discount for three years for a subscription to Disney+. “Why 33%?” you may be asking. Because it amounts to $23 per year. Clever D23, Clever.

Disney has extended the offer to sign up for Disney+ to all D23 members, whether they attended the event or not (bummer for all those fans that thought they were getting an exclusive). As of today, if you have a D23 membership, free or paid, you can take advantage of the D23 Disney+ promotion.

With a Gold or General membership to D23 Membership free, you’ll be able to sign up early for Disney+ (it’s not early access, just a chance to sign up now) and select the three-year subscription. The price of Disney+ drops from $6.99 per month down to $3.92 per month. Not bad!

The General D23 membership is free and gives you access to exclusive content on the D23 website, plus special promotions and a weekly newsletter. The D23 Gold membership offers a beautiful quarterly magazine, a d23 free membership certificate, access to dozens of special events throughout the year, including D23, which happens each summer in Anaheim, California and a whole lot more. It costs $99 per year for a single membership or $130 per year for a family membership, which is good for up to three additional people to access the membership exclusives.

The offer is only good until September 2. If you don’t already have a D23 subscription, you’d better get to it right now because it’ll take 36 hours before the link will become available to you.

3 Year Subscription Disney+ Offer Open To D23 Members 

The offer is only open to residents of the United States, with a US payment payment method and can be accessed via the official D23 website.  Simply log into your account and you will be presented with the offer.

This is open to both Gold (paid) and Standard (d23 membership promo code 2019) members. Many members of our Disney Plus Facebook Group are reporting conflicting reports of being offered the offer within their D23 account.  This could be because they are offering the promotion in waves to stop any technical issues with overloading subscriptions on the first day.  So it’s worth rechecking later in the week.   Disney has also confirmed if you have sign up today, it will take 24 hours before the link becomes available.

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