Creating the Best Protein Bars Ever

Ever since I was a young, naive fitness enthusiast working at GNC (yeah, it’s true) I’ve had a soft spot for supplements. Back in the day, I used to think that if I just had more money I could be bigger, stronger, leaner, and faster…if I could just afford the perfect supplement stack.

Luckily, I eventually became a little wiser and realized that the body you want isn’t hiding in any pill, powder, or pack. (Note to everyone: Those goals are achieved with hard work and patience.) Unfortunately, that realization came after I blew lots of money, made plenty of dumb mistakes, and blindly bought products that really had no benefit.

The truth is, the better body equation is pretty simple:

Hard work + consistent exercise + a diet consisting primarily of nutritious non-processed foods = good health.

While we could go into greater details on each of those elements (and trust me, you’ll find plenty more explanation on this site), you’ll notice that supplements aren’t part of the equation; but that doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the solution.

Supplements should be used to fill the gaps in your diet. It’s why I recommend products like fish oil and protein powder.

What most people fail to realize is that one of the common gaps in your healthy living plan is convenience. That is, when nothing good is readily available to eat or you’re in a rush, supplements can be extremely helpful to ensure that you don’t find yourself at the bottom of a fast food bag. That’s not to say supplements are better than real food; they just might be a more realistic option in certain scenarios.

Born Bars are coming soon. Do you want in on the action?

That’s why I’m working to provide some practical solutions to help in the convenience department. And one of those areas happens to be protein bars. It pains me to say this, but many protein bars on the market are just glorified candy bars with added protein. They have tons of sugar, lots of ingredients I won’t even try to pronounce, and some artificial sweeteners that will make your stomach beg for mercy. (Maltitol is the Born kryptonite and the reason for at least 2 failed relationships in my early 20s.)

I’m working on creating a line of protein bars that removes the shit. Literally. We’re talking “clean” bars that will provide you only with what you need. But I want your help. I want you to tell me your dream bar. It can be a particular flavor. Or maybe a bar designed for someone on a specific diet. (Paleo, Vegan, lactose intolerant) All I want is  your feedback because I want to make sure that you influence the product we create. After all, you’re the reason I’m doing this.

If you want to help build a better protein bar AND be considered as a taste-tester, please leave a comment below with your preferences. I’ll be using that area as my testing ground. And then sign up for my newsletter. (You can find a sign up at the top of the page on the left, where it says “Get Born in Your inbox.”) I’ll be sending out a message soon so that you can test out the bars and let me know what you like best.

Until then, drop your ideas below, and I’ll be working to bring your dream bars to life.

Make it count,



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