Latest Call of Duty: Warzone Bunker Codes,Locations List 2020

Activision has started using Warzone to disseminate easter eggs to hunt for the Call of Duty 2020 teasers. So here is everything we know about this supposed Black Ops Cold War.

warzone bunker codes

Infinity Ward’s time with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone appears to be coming to an end and the transition to Treyarch and Raven Software for Black Ops Cold War is starting to hyper players across Verdansk.

Going through the Pawn Takes Pawn site, Treyarch’s communication and the ridiculously high number of clues within Warzone, the CoD community is having a blast. Between the bunkers and rooms to open, the codes to assemble and decipher, Activision seems to have something to occupy the players for a six-day easy egg hunt.

Every day, the site’s “television” allows players to discover new montages and clues.

Rumors of the Cold War teaser began last May with the opening of Bunker 11 and the discovery of information inside, including a warhead. Then, the site Pawn Takes Pawn appeared after the display on the screens of some players of the phrase “know your history” . Using the EMC2 page, players have discovered that this hunt for clues should last 6 days.

Once a day, one of the steps is crossed out and a pawn is knocked down.

Each day therefore begins with a video on the site giving access to a code and contact details to access a new location in Warzone. So far there are clues and other figures.

Each of the previous videos is also updated to present new codes whose purpose is not yet well defined. Once each clue is discovered, the EMC2 page updates, crossing out the day and revealing the next day’s date. With now 5 days to go, here is everything we could collect about this new Call of Duty.

Day 1, August 14: Farmhouse room, Figures, 1961-62

On the first day, players understood the general process of this investigation and used information from the VHS to find this secret room in Farmhouse (close to H6 on the Warzone map) that can be opened with the code “49285163”.

Once inside, there are many documents and files there about a sort of puzzle and in particular a Venona encryption . These documents lay the foundations for the next clues.

Day 2, August 15: Bunker 3, Secret Elevator, 1968-69

On the second day, players used coordinates “B5” to access underground bunker number 3 near Boneyard using the code “8762585” to explore its depths.

Inside there is a bust of Vladimir Lenin, more documents and an inaccessible elevator suggesting the possibility that we can return there a little later.

This was not enough, however, for Day 2 to be crossed out on the EMC2 page and when viewing the VHS again, we see new codes appear.

Day 3, August 16, Prison hangar, RC-XD vehicle, 1972-1973

For Day 3, the community quickly identified “H8” as a small hangar between the Prison and the Port before using the code “7294853” to enter.

In addition to the various clues to collect everywhere, an unfinished RC-XD stands inside. This is a well-known killstreak among Black Ops players. After writing down all the codes inside the hangar, that was apparently all there was to be in it.

Day 4, August 17; Bunker 1, no longer RC-XD parts, 1977-78

On this fourth day, players almost immediately realized that “B7” corresponded to Bunker 1 at the bottom left of the map. Code 97264138 provides access to the interior.

A little more disappointing than the previous places, there are nevertheless a few things there. First, new parts for the RC-XD discovered the day before. In addition, another elevator seems to be waiting for the players as was already the case for Day 2.

Day 5, August 18: Cabin of the TV station, 1979

On the fifth and normally the penultimate day of this hunt for clues, players were able to access the cabin so far inaccessible in F4 and which can now open its door with the code 27495810.

As with the other bunkers, there are documents, maps, clocks, all with a good Cold War atmosphere from the 1970s-80s.

Day 6, August 19: Bunker 10, Black Ops Cold War, 1981

According to the EMC2 page, Day 6 was the last day of this clue hunt. This long-awaited day did not disappoint players who made their way to Bunker 10 and used the code 602745143 to finally find a gigantic warhead waiting to be launched.

Subsequently, streamers like Geeky Pastimes or Noahj456 quickly got to work, and with the help of the community, they managed to crack all the codes and puzzles that were put together. Once the mystery was solved, they were able to discover an unlisted Call of Duty YouTube video confirming the arrival of Black Ops Cold War as the next game in the license. A message announcing a global reveal of the game will also take place on August 26 in Warzone.

The video does indeed suggest a “global revelation” but there is still a possibility that the hunt will continue and more information may still be uncovered.

Anyway, this brings the first big step in this adventure to an end. All we have to do is analyze this video from all angles and wait until next Wednesday.

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