Brawl Stars Ultimate Guide for Trophy Pushing

A competitive ranking mode is a crucial part of most multiplayer games. In Brawl Stars, Total Trophy is the main ranking system. The trophy road is additionally the most objective for many players. Since Supercell inflated the trophies a couple of times, it’d not be that tough for players to push to 500 trophies nowadays. However, Brawl Stars features a sort of game modes to play, so which modes should players push in? Here is an efficient guide which will help players to succeed in their trophy milestone faster.

Trophy pushing

In terms of trophy pushing, Showdown is one among the simplest game modes to play. If players don’t have a lover to play with, Solo Showdown is quite sufficient to push a brawler to 550. Solo Showdown is additionally undisputedly the fastest game mode to push trophies, regardless of what trophy range players are in. However, due to the high trophy count that players gain for winning, the danger of losing a game and dropping trophies is additionally equivalently high. Since each game is played by 10 players, it’s far more hectic and suffering from tons of variables like power cubes and modifiers. That’s why there are tons of approaches players can absorb Solo Showdown.


Therefore, if players want a more consistent way to push, players may tag along with a friend to play Duo Showdown. Since Duo Showdown requires more synergy and teamwork, Its recommended not to play it with random players. Once, players find it harder to push in Solo ShowdownDuo Showdown may become a good alternative, it will also lower the risk of dropping large amounts of trophies. Also, Showdown features 10 players, but the players will be split into 5 teams of 2. So even if a player dies, if the other player can hide or survive for 15 seconds, the dead player will respawn. As such, surviving is more important in this mode.

Most importantly, 3V3 is the main game mode of Brawl Stars and it is also the main game mode for Brawl Stars’ competitive scene. So players would need to master playing 3V3 if they want to succeed in the competitive scene. Players should have a balance of pushing in both Showdown and 3V33V3 is also crucial for pushing at the higher trophy range.

Players should connect their accounts to their social media so that they can play with friends that play the game. Additionally, players can also join a full and active club so they have more players to play with without having to add the individuals one by one. Players could also add random players that they feel are good at playing through the battle log. Next, players could use the ‘look for a team’ function to find players.

Other than that, players can also use social media to find more friends to play with, and players could create group chats and also use applications that provide voice chat to play together. This will improve the coordination and gameplay of players, which will also improve the win rate as well as increase the rate and effectiveness of pushing.

In conclusion, Showdown is the fastest way to push, but it also has a certain amount of risk. On the other hand, Duo Showdown is much slower but it is more stable and consistent to push. Last but not least, 3V3 could be used to push in any range. It is recommended to play with friends, but playing with randoms players could work as well.

Players should play in 3V3 when they get a new brawler so that they can get a feel of how to play the brawler. After that, players can transition to Showdown to get the brawlers to 550. If players want to reach a high rank such as rank 30, it could be done through both Showdown or 3V3. But if players want to achieve the highest rank of rank 35, the best way to push is through 3V3, since Showdown poses too much risk and takes a long time for matchmaking at high ranks.

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