Brawl Stars: Mr. P Brawler, Hot New Skins, and More

Brawl Stars just received a sizeable update that includes a wealth of new content, like a new Brawler, environment, skins, and game mode. There’s also a bunch of bug fixes, improvements, and more – as you can expect.

In this guide, we’re going to detail everything that’s new so you can make the most of it. We’ll give you the full lowdown on the new Brawler and game mode, and briefly touch on the rest.

Brawl Stars New Brawler Guide

New Brawler: Mr. P

brawl stars mr p

Mr. P is a penguin luggage handler who throws suitcases at his enemies and can summon robotic porters to help him.

  • Primary Attack: Your Suitcase Sir! – “Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies, dealing area damage behind them after landing”
  • Super Ability: P-Porters Attack! – “Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time”
  • Star Power: Handle With Care – “Mr. Pr’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle”
  • Star Power: Tin Can – “The Robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health”

New Environment: The Arcade

The Arcade is a brand new environment that features evil robots and stuff.

New Game Mod: Hot Zone!

Hot Zone is a brand new mod that challenges you to hold zones on a map to gain points, with the team with the most points over two minutes winning the match.

Enemy brawlers can enter the hot zone at any moment, preventing you from gathering points. If you leave the zone while gaining a point, the process is interrupted.

The final 30 seconds provides double points.

New Skins

Street Ninja Tara

Street Ninja Tara

Virus 8-Bit

Virus 8-Bit skin

Heroine Bibi

Heroine Bibi skin

Cupid Piper

Cupid Piper skin

Koala Nita

Koala Nita skin

Agent P

Agent P skin

If you’d like to see everything else that’s included in the new patch, including map, eSports, balance, and more changes, check out the patch notes.

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