Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt

Borderlands 3 : How to kill killavolt in borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Kill Killavolt

Kill Killavolt is a side mission in Borderlands 3 (BL3). This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Kill Killavolt Side Quest.

Kill Killavolt is unlocked when you complete Hostile Takeover.

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Planet: Promethea / or Sanctuary
Area: Meridian Metroplex / or Sanctuary
Quest Giver: Notice board in Meridian Metroplex / Moxxi in Sanctuary
Requirement: Complete Main Mission Hostile Takeover
Recommended Level: 13
Reward: Money + Room decoration
Mission Info: Moxxi wants to kill Killavolt. Lend her a hand!


  • Go to Lectra City
  • Enter battle royale
  • Meet up with Moxxi
  • Collect Trudy’s token
  • Collect batteries: 0/3
  • Collect Jenny’s token
  • Collect batteries: 1/3
  • Collect Lena’s token
  • Collect batteries: 2/3
  • Head to Moxxi’s
  • Give batteries to Moxxi
  • Take booby-trapped token from Moxxi
  • Head to the Killarena
  • Give Trudy’s token
  • Give Jenny’s token
  • Give Lena’s token
  • Give booby-trapped token
  • Kill Killavolt
  • Collect Killavolt’s charge pack

Starting Location: Kill Killavolt

Can also be picked up by speaking to Moxxi in Sanctuary.

Go to Lectra City

Moxxi tells you she wants to kill a person on Promethea that she was a prior acquaintance of. Head over to the marked location to enter the Lectra City area of the map.

Enter Battle Royale

You should see a button to the left with the objective marker on it, hit that to be allowed to enter the area properly.

Meet up with Moxxi

Head up the stairs to where Moxxi is waiting for you. Killavolt explains the rules of the Battle Royale to you, then you have to head off and collect the 3 tokens you need to meet with him.

Collect Trudy’s Token

You can tackle these in any order, but we’ll just go down the list, which means going from left to right on the map. Head down the South path all the way, then head West and out towards the dock area. Midway out Moxxi will mention to collect batteries, which you can do in the general areas after killing each of the other contestants.

Trudy is out on the end of the dock, she wields a rocket launch and has mostly melee enemies around her.

Take her and the enemies around her out, then pick up her token.

Collect Batteries: 0/3

The first battery is off the South-West side of the dock, over top of a bunch of half sunken containers. Jump across and pick it up from the machine it’s in.

Collect Jenny’s Token

Jenny is found in the near the center of the area, down in the lower underground area where she’s marked. She also has a rocket launcher, but most of the enemies around her have firearms instead of seeming to be melee. Kill her and pick up her token.

Collect Batteries: 1/3

Just back up top from where Jenny was, you should see the marker for the battery on top of a building. To get up there, head over to the North-West side where you should see a ladder to climb up.

Head up there, then there will be another ladder basically in front of you around the corner. From there head over to the other roof, and up to the top to grab the battery.

Collect Lena’s Token

Lena is on the far North-West part of the map, though to get over to her you have to basically go to the far West corner to be able to get around to the area she is in. She has not a lot of enemies, but wields a multi shot rocket launcher that packs a bit of a punch if you get hit directly with it. Try to avoid her shots while you take her out, then grab her token.

Collect Batteries: 2/3

The last battery is also up on top of a building, but isn’t as obvious to get to. Go to the gap in between the two buildings, and you should see a ledge you can climb up.

Climb up there, then turn around immediately and just to the ladder on the corner of the building and climb up. Climb up onto the part of the building in front of you, then climb the ladder to the next roof where the battery is.

Head to Moxxi’s

Moxxi asks you to meet her now on the South end of the city with the batteries and tokens.

Give Batteries to Moxxi

Hand the batteries over to Moxxi now that you have them all.

Take Booby-Trapped Token from Moxxi

Now that she’s cooked it up, take the token from her that you’ll use to shock Killavolt.

Head to the Killarena

You now have to head over to the area where you’ll fight Killavolt. This is even more South than where you are now, but just around the corner from the bar. You’ll have to fight some enemies on the way over, but nothing worse than before. Jump the gap and go up to the plant door to continue.

Attend Token Ceremony

After minor protest from Killavolt, you’ll have to head inside and drop down into the arena area, then walk up to Killavolt.

Give Trudy / Jenny / Lena / Booby-trapped Token

Place each token in  Killavolt’s hand, with the final one being the booby-trapped one that gives Killavolt quite the serious shock. He’ll disappear for a second, then come back with a weapon and a shield ready to get slapped around by the vault hunter.

Kill Killavolt

Killavolt spends a lot of time holding up his shield and shooting at you, which isn’t that hard to avoid. The main unique attack he does is he’ll slam the floor causing the tiles to glow yellow for a few seconds, then firing a shock wave of electricity away from himself. He’ll do this in a straight line normally, or occasionally he’ll disappear and the wave will go in a circle outwards from him, or in lines down the side of the arena. Be aware when these are happening and jump to avoid them. Once you have removed his shield he’ll start doing charge attacks at you, running at you and trying to hit you with his shield. Shooting it will eventually stun him for a bit if you need. Keep putting damage into him until he explodes and gives you a shower of loot.

Collect Killavolt’s Charge Pack

One of the items he drops is his charge pack. Moxxi asks you to grab this for her and bring it back to the bar.

Mount Killavolt’s Charge Pack

Take the pack back over to Moxxi’s bar (the one in this location, not on the ship) and place it in the kindly marked spot where it will be most useful.

Talk to Moxxi

Head back over to the bar to speak to Moxxi to end the mission and collect your rewards, some money and a room decoration for your space on the ship.

This finishes Kill Killavolt side mission in Borderlands 3.

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