Blue Bullets Call of Duty: Modern Warfare How to Get Them?

How to Get Blue Bullets in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Blue Bullet Come From Weapons Just You need Purchasing This :

  •  (Allegiance) Nikto Operator bundle.

How to Get Nikto Operator bundle in Call of Duty:

In order to unlock the character, fans will, unfortunately, need to shell out money for him. Nikto is included as part of a special store pack called the Nikto Operator Bundle. The pack can be found inside the in-game store and includes the character, new weapon blueprints, a calling card, other personalization items, and a new watch called Father Time. The bundle also includes a single-tier unlock, for those still trying to progress through the Battle Pass.

The bundle itself costs 2400 CoD points, which roughly translates to $19.99 USD and puts it well out of the range from what players can earn from the Battle Pass.

Bundles have started to become a major element to the game, likely due to Activision removing the season pass option that was standard in previous games. Inside of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, players can instead spend their money on seasonal battle passes, cosmetic items, and these new bundles. One item, in particular, is causing an uproar with fans as a watch called Time to Die is only available inside of the 2000 CoD points Mother Russia bundle. This watch displays a kill counter during a match, a feature that many fans have been asking for, but not likely to be placed behind a paywall.


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