#BeTheChange Giveaway

What happens when you give lottery tickets to people for free? Something incredible.

Just the other day I saw a post on The Chive about #RAKit week. For those of you not familiar, we’re talking “random acts of kindness.” This is the type of thing The Chive does: pay it forward and make others feel awesome.

And their efforts are not lost. Millions of people read the site and then follow their lead. The post was amazing and left me inspired, not to mention it hit home on many levels.

In my own relationship with my wife, the best things I ever do are the random acts that are unexpected. Flowers on Valentine’s Day are nice; flowers on a random Tuesday? Those make her feel more loved than anyone.

That mentality serves as the backbone of my own #bethechange movement. When you do something good for others it creates a domino effect. See good, do good, pass it on.

My job then is make sure that the giving continues randomly and endlessly. That’s why I’m following the lead of #RAKit Week and letting it flow here at Born Fitness. Because what happens when you just give for no reason? Happiness. Lots of it.

The #BeTheChange Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway

For the next 48 hours I’m going to be giving away prizes every 6 hours. The #RAKit-inspired loot will include items that the most appeal to people that visit my site and work with me. (And yes, all of these will be free for the winners.)

**Editors note: This list is growing. Actor Joe Manganiello just added a free subscription to his Evolution  online program, and Muscle & Fitness has tossed in a subscription and workout schwag. Muscle Milk also joined the fun with a supplement prize pack. 

  • Online coaching
  • FitnessLives T-shirts…the same one worn by Arnold [yes, Schwarzenegger] during his training for T5
  • Be. Born. Fit. T-shirts. (not even released to the public
  • Joe Manganiello’s Evolution359.com workout and diet program
  • Signed books (Engineering the Alpha, Getting Abs, Women’s Health Big Book of Abs, Men’s Health Diet, Women’s Health Diet, Impact! Body Plan)
  • Muscle & Fitness magazine subscription and workout gear
  • Free membership to the Getting Shredded Community
  • Muscle Milk supplement bonanza (1 case RTD’s, 2 tubs of Muscle Milk, 1 Monster Milk Amino, Tray of Cytomax Energy Drops)
  • Workout gear
  • Consulting Call (for business or diet)

Oh yeah, and I’m also going to give away $100 cash to the last winner. Because who doesn’t love a little extra money in their pocket? To enter to win, just leave your name and email below, and I’ll be randomly selecting winners and letting them know their prize. Let the #RAKit week spread and inspire you to #BeTheChange.

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