Best starting Weapons list for Nioh 2 Recommended for you

Best nioh 2 starting weapons Recommender For You

Nioh 2 Weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, maybe you like to keep your distance. then the Kusarigamas are more your thing, or if you plan to use magic then Switchglaives is what you are looking for. Either way, you will have a lot to choose from, but you will want to decide on what you used based on your build. if you are focusing on Strength, then you will want to use a weapon with a high strength Familiarity rating.

Best nioh 2 starting weapons Recommender For You


Starting Nioh 2 Weapons List:


Tier Weapon Type Description
1 Switchglaives ・Scales with Magic
・Compatible with Onmyo Magic
・Long reach
・Decent damage output
1 Odachi ・Scales with Strength
・Long reach
・High damage output
・High break stat
2 Kusarigama ・Scales with Dexterity
・Compatible with Ninjutsu
・Very long reach
・High attack speed
2 Hatchets ・Scales with Skill
・High attack speed
・Good at deplenting Ki
・Can be used for ranged attacks
2 Tonfas ・Scales with Courage
・Very high attack speed
・High Block stat
3 Sword ・Scales with Heart
・Balanced stats
・One of two weapon type with a counter skill
3 Dual Swords ・Scales with Skill
・High attack speed
・High Block stat
・One of two weapon type with a counter skill
3 Spear ・Scales with Body
・Long reach
4 Axe ・Scales with Stamina
・High Break stat
・Very high damage output

Recommended starting weapons to choose:

Best nioh2 Weapons

You can pick two from the nine on display. We’d recommend picking solely based on the stat bonuses they offer. You’ll get plenty of weapons as you progress through the game, and you’ll be able to try them all out before settling on a favorite pair. However, the starting stat bonus will stick with you forever – it cannot be changed even with the help of the respec item. Here are the stat bonuses each of the weapons offer:

  • Sword – Heart +1
  • Spear – Constitution +1
  • Axe – Stamina +1
  • Tonfa – Courage +1
  • Hatchets – Skill +1
  • Kusarigama – Dexterity +1
  • Switchglaive – Magic +1
  • Dual swords – Skill +1
  • Odachi – Strength +1

The best choice for beginners would be spear and sword. They increase constitution, which affects your health, and heart, which affects your ki. This means you can take more damage and perform more attacks before tiring, which is pretty much what every new player needs.


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