The Best 30 Halloween Costume Ideas in 2019

Halloween Costume Ideas

30 Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Likely See This Year—But Are Too Good to Resist

The best holiday of the year—Halloween—is quickly approaching, and I’m already trying to figure out the perfect costume. If you’ve been paying attention to the hit TV shows and movies this year, you’ll know that there are so many amazing costumes just waiting to be brought to life this holiday. The 2019 Halloween costume trends you’re bound to see everywhere are all from the shows and films you’ve probably been talking about in your group chat. I’m talking EuphoriaBig Little Lies, Game of ThronesBooksmart and the like. You and your friends have obsessed with the characters already, so you might as well go as for them for Halloween, right?!

Below, you’ll find 30 culturally relevant Halloween costume ideas to give you major inspiration. I hope you have several Halloween parties lined up, because you’ll be hard-pressed to choose just one of these trending Halloween costumes. And, if you’re worried about how to actually recreate some of these looks, we got you. With each costume idea comes tips on how to get the look, so you don’t have to frantically Google your favorite Riverdale character. You’re welcome. Now, let’s get spooky, y’all.

New Latest Halloween Costumes + 30 Halloween Costumes ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween Costume Ideas

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1. Ashley O from Black Mirror

Do Miley Cyrus proud by donning a pink wig and your most dramatic pop star outfit this Halloween.

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2. Elton John from Rocketman

Grab your shiniest jacket and most dramatic pair of sunnies, and you’re sure to have everyone doing the “Crocodile Rock” this Halloween.

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3. Robin & Steve from Stranger Things

Calling all sailors. DIY your own sailor-inspired outfit, add a name tag (and some hair gel), and scoop the night away.

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4. Euphoria characters

So! Many! Options! Dress up as the Euphoria characters themselves or as the Euphoria characters in costume. Either way, you’re sure to be very culturally relevant—and flaunt the fact that yes, you do have an HBO account.

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5. Captain Marvel

It’s the year of the woman, baby. Hit up your local costume shop (or the craft store, for all you DIY queens) for the Captain Marvel red and blue suit, and let’s get seriously super.

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6. Derry Girls

If you went to a school that required you to wear a plaid skirt, you’re already one step ahead for this costume. Get together your BFFs, decide who’s who (I’m an Erin, TBH) and wreak havoc on your small Irish town—or the Halloween party.

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7. Agents from MIB International

There’s nothing hotter than the Men In Black outfits, and that’s just a damn fact. Don a black suit and some sunnies, and you’re ready to save the world.

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8. Molly & Amy from Booksmart

Molly and Amy from Booksmart is the ultimate BFF costume. For Molly, simply pair a mustard turtleneck with a plaid blazer and black skirt. For Amy, wear some striped pants and cover your fave denim jacket with pins and badges.

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9. Mary Louise from Big Little Lies

I mean, what’s a more iconic costume than Mary Louise—AKA Meryl Streep?! All you need is a pantsuit, patterned scarf and some glasses. (And, if you’re really feeling it, a wig wouldn’t hurt.)

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10. The Tethered from Us

Going as the Tethered from Us is the ultimate way to scare everyone you see this Halloween. Just throw on a red hoodie and watch the people flee.

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11. Moira from Schitt’s Creek

If you want to be extra AF this Halloween, Moira from Schitt’s Creek is the ultimate costume. Anything with an abundance of leather or sequins and plenty of accessories is the best way to get the look.

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12. Hannah B from The Bachelorette

A white dress and a red rose are the only two things you need to recreate Hannah B’s iconic look from this year’s The Bachelorette. Just make sure your date isn’t already dating someone. (Too soon?)

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13. Eleven & Max from Stranger Things

Eleven and Max are another BFF pairing that you’re sure to see everywhere this Halloween. For Eleven, channel your inner ’80s with a bold yellow top and suspenders. For Max, pair a striped tank with athletic shorts and tube socks.

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14. Sasha Tran from Always Be My Maybe

Live your romantic comedy fantasy by going as Sasha Tran this Halloween. There are so many good options you can probably recreate from items already in your closet. Just don’t forget the signature glasses.

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15. Janet from The Good Place

Find a purple jumper and blouse, and you’re set to go as Janet from The Good Place this Halloween.

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16. Monterey 5 from Big Little Lies

Nothing was more iconic than this season of Big Little Lies. Grab your four closest friends and go as the Monterey 5 this year. Dibs on Renata!

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17. Forky from Toy Story 4

A Forky costume takes a little bit of work, sure, but it’s definitely worth it. Wear all white then add the details with googly eyes and red pipe cleaners.

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18. Detective Pikachu

If you’ve ever been Pikachu before, all you have to do to update the costume is add a little detective hat and magnifying glass, and you’re instantly in 2019.

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19. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Will Game of Thrones ever not be relevant?! Probably not, so you might as well grab some faux fur and go as Sansa Stark this Halloween (and the next, and the next, and the next…).

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20. Lizzo & her flute

Grab a white bodysuit and your flute, and you’re ready to go as Lizzo this Halloween. Name a better duo. I’ll wait.

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21. Riverdale characters

Are you a Betty or Veronica? At this point, does it even matter? Pick your favorite Riverdale character and show some school spirit this Halloween. TBH, I’ll probably go as Jughead.

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22. Fab 5 from Queer Eye

Can you believe?! Grab your four best friends and fight over who gets to dress as Tan. French tucks only.

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23. Cult Members from Midsommar

Get yourself a flow-y dress and a flower crown, and you’re basically already a cult member from Midsommar.

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24. Daenerys from Game of Thrones

Braid your hair, grab a dragon, and go as Daenerys for Halloween this year. Winter actually is coming.

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25. Nadia from Russian Doll

Stuck in a time loop, Nadia from Russian Doll on Netflix wears the same thing throughout the series—making it super easy to copy the look for Halloween. Simply grab a red blouse, black jacket and pack of cigarettes (for show, of course!) and hope you don’t even up re-living the same day over and over.

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26. Pennywise from IT: Chapter 2

If you’re looking for something absolutely terrifying this Halloween, a Pennywise costume would be the one for you. Just slather on a frightening amount of clown makeup and find a red balloon, and you’re ready to whisper “You’ll float, too” to everyone you see.

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27. The Hormone Monsters from Big Mouth

Grab your furriest clothing and dress up as one of the hormone monsters from Big Mouth this holiday. Even more respect if you can keep in character the entire night.

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28. Georgina Hobart from The Politician

Grab a long red kaftan and gardening hat, and you’re well on your way to becoming Georgina Hobart—AKA the legend Gwyneth Paltrow from the new Netflix show The Politician.

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29. The Flower (or any character, really) from The Masked Singer

While you probably can’t recreate the elaborate costumes from The Masked Singer perfectly, there’s no harm in trying. This “who sung it” show will be forever weird, wild and incredible.

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30. Catherine the Great from Catherine the Great

With Helen Mirren playing such an iconic role on HBO, would wouldn’t want to don a similarly royal costume for Halloween? Catherine the Great makes for a—dare I say—great costume.

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