Beautiful and unique small tattoos for girls with meaning

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos have been around for a very long time. Scientists found a body from 3250 BCE, which had 61 tattoos on it. Nowadays, the symbolism and impact of tattoos can vary depending on places, culture and religion. They can be used to provide medical information for patients with Alzheimer, for example. Most commonly, though, tattoos are used to commemorate something or someone special. So, they can be a beautiful accessory and a memory all at the same time. If you have decided that you want a tattoo, you have come to the right place. We have gathered more than 70 examples of beautiful small tattoos for girls, which have deeper meanings.

It takes a lot of courage to get yourself tattooed. After all, it is something that stays with you for the rest of your life. Although tattoos can be removed, it is usually costly and painful and they are never really fully gone. So, before you get a tattoo, make sure it is the right one for you. What’s more, if you have decided that you want something small just for you, there are many beautiful small tattoos, which are just as beautiful as the big ones. Plus, a small tattoo is less noticeable and easier to remove, just in case you decide you don’t want it anymore. The best places for a tattoo are the wrists, the ankles and the back of your neck. Many people prefer those places, because they are more visible and a smaller tattoo fits perfectly and looks amazing.

One of the most common small tattoos you can see is an arrow. An arrow symbolises different things, depending on how it is portrayed. A single arrow, for example, represents defence and protection from harm. An arrow is also a symbol of direction and movement. So, if you are the kind of person who is always chasing something and always moving forward, a little arrow might be the right fit for you.

Small tattoos for girls with arrows

Crossed arrows signify friendship

Butterflies are also very common. They are a symbol of beauty, freedom and growing. If you have ever had a life-changing experience, a butterfly tattoo can be a beautiful way to commemorate it. The butterfly goes through a few stages – from an egg, through a larva and pupa, it becomes a beautiful butterfly. It can also be seen as a metaphor for the life cycle of a human being. What’s more, butterflies have wings and can fly anywhere, therefore – a symbol for freedom.

Beautiful butterfly tattoo with blue and purple wings

Dandelions are another piece of nature that, when tattooed symbolises life. It reminds you to enjoy every moment. A gust of wind can make the fluffy white dandelion seeds fly away. Same as in life, if you don’t appreciate the moments that make your life extraordinary, they can easily be taken away from you. So, if you are looking for something to make you remember to “carpe diem”, but you don’t want to be a cliche and tattoo the phrase, a dandelion tattoo is just right for you.

Beautiful dandelion tattoo

Music lovers decide to show their love for music with tattoos very often. Tattoos with musical notes and keys are very beautiful and can be found in many different shapes and forms.

Beautiful musical key without colour

Heart made out of music

Roses symbolise beauty and love. Roses are often considered to be the most desired thing by women on Valentine’s day, for example. That is why many women get roses tattooed on their bodies to commemorate the love that they feel for someone. Another symbol might be the blooming of a rose. It slowly opens up to show its beautiful colours and petals.

Tattoo of a blooming rose

Beautiful ankle rose tattoo

In some cultures the seahorse is a symbol of good luck. It also symbolises the beginning of a next chapter. So, if you need luck with something you have set out to do, the tattoo of a seahorse is a perfection option.

Small seahorse in beautiful colours

The sun and the moon is probably one of the, if not the most, common tattoos. Many couples choose to get these tattoos because they symbolise an everlasting relationship. The sun is always followed by the moon and vice versa. They can’t exist separately. It is also a good symbol for friendship.

Couples choose the symbols of the sun and the moon to show their love and appreciation for one another

Small tattoos for girls

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