Balayage Dark Hair – Which is the Best Option For You?

When it comes to hairstyles and coloring, brunettes are truly spoiled for choice! There are just so many cool looks to try. Balayage is undoubtedly one of the hottest styles at the moment. However, it comes in so many different varieties and color combinations, that it’s not always easy choosing the look right for you. After all, you need to make sure that your new hairstyle matches your skin tone, compliments your face, and looks natural with the shade of your hair. So, in order to make things easier, we’ve decided to devote today’s article on the different balayage dark hair varieties. Our team has included plenty of tips and lots of photos to inspire you.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term balayage, it’s a type of subtle hair highlighting, characterized by a gradual transition from darker roots to lighter tips. The result is a gorgeous, sun-kissed look, which seems more natural than regular highlights or ombre, for example. Not surprisingly, many women simply adore balayage. It’s relatively easy to maintain, and doesn’t require visiting the hairdresser every month for root touch ups. And, according to some of the best professionals in the field, it is an excellent option for women who want to add some subtle glamour to their tresses. It’s also a great solution for those pesky white hairs that start appearing after our 25th birthday! In short – only few hairstyles can match a well done balayage!

Before you opt for your own balayage, it’s very important to know the different varieties available. The California style is very hot at the moment, and looks amazing on brunette hair. Honey blonde hues are another excellent choice. The key is to stick to natural colors and ensure that you get an even, gradual transition from one shade to another. If natural is not really your thing, and you’d rather have something that makes you stand out from the crowd, we highly recommend dark red or pink balayage. Alternatively, you could opt for multicolored strands! They are cool, sexy and edgy!

Your natural color plays a very important role too. The concept “balayage dark hair” can mean very different things, depending on the hue of your tresses. After all, brunette locks come in numerous shades. Is your hair a deep brown, like Penelope Cruz’ or a lighter color like that of Emma Watson? Ladies with darker tresses should opt for a copper or hazel balayage, as it will blend well with their natural color, refreshing it in the process. Those with lighter hair, on the other hand, should choose hints of caramel or gold, for an authentic sun-kissed look.

Balayage dark hair is one of our absolute favorite styles and we can talk about it for ages. Nevertheless, it’s probably better tо give you some visual examples. We have done our best to select the very best brunette styles in our gallery bellow. Enjoy and don’t forget – it’s up to you to make your balayage as subtle and natural, or as eye-catching and colorful as you like. Experiment and have fun!

Beautiful idea for balayage dark hair – long and wavy

Another glamorous suggestion for long locks

balayage dark hair, worn by young woman, with long wavy brunette hair, dressed in a white chunky knitted sweater

We are in love with this subtle, yet effective balayage

A gorgeous, natural-looking do

caramel highlights on a brunette, medium length wavy hair, balayage dark hair, on a slim woman, dressed in grey

The perfect sun-kissed look

happy-looking young woman, with blonde balayage dark hair, wearing a black sweater

And here is an amazingly effective balayage tutorial you can try at home

Subtle caramel hues on dark brunette hair

curled shoulder-length hair, with redish-brown highlights, balayage dark hair, on a woman in a patterned top

smiling slim woman, dressed in black, and wearing black-framed glasses, long balayage dark hair with layers

Make sure to choose the right shade for your balayage

ash-blonde highlights, on wavy brunette hair, worn by a woman dressed in white, balayage dark hair, seen from the back

loose curls on long brunette hair, worn by a woman dressed in white, balayage dark hair, with honey blonde highlights

Celebs simply love this natural-looking style

balayage with caramel tones, on medium length, dark brunette hair, worn by a smiling young woman, in a formal dress

side-parted wavy brunette hair, with caramel balayage, on a young woman, with dark eyes, wearing a white tank top

pink lipstick worn by a dark-eyed woman, dressed in a white top, with light brunette balayage, on her long curled brown hair

back view of a long, light brunette hairstyle, with a honey blonde balayage, on a woman dressed in white

jeans and a white lacy top, worn by a smiling woman, with blonde balayage, sitting on a worn pale bench

Balayage looks great on both short and long styles 

shoulder length wavy hair, brunette with blonde balayage, worn by a young woman, in a white strappy top

straightened layered hair, in light brunette, with a dark blonde balayage, worn by a smiling woman, in a sparkling silver dress

sand blonde balayage, on waist-length brunette hair, with beach curls, worn by a slim young woman

bayalage on long wavy hair, seen from the back, on a woman, dressed in a pale denim dress

glossy brunette hair, with loose curls, and a natural-looking blonde bayalage, worn by a woman, in a pale grey sweater

chestnut borwn bayalage, worn by khloe kardashian, with long smooth, dark brunette hair, and side part

straw blonde bayalage, on jennifer aniston's brunete hair, black strapless dress, and large earrings

soft shoulder length hair, with loose curls and side part, featuring a caramel bayalage, on a young woman, in pale grey top, and salt and pepper cardigan

golden blonde bayalage, on long dark brunette hair, with loose curls, seen from the back

medium length hair, brunette with light blonde bayalage, worn by a woman facing to one side, dressed in pale grey

layered brunette hair, seen from the back, with ash blonde bayalage, on a woman wearing a white blouse

balayage hair, long and wavy, with dark roots, and light blonde highlights, on a woman, dressed in a grey t-shirt

A gorgeous, romantic look for dark brunette hair

chocolate highlights on long, wavy dark brunette balayage hair, with a crown braid, worn by a woman, in a white sweater

mirrored image of long, wavy dark brunette, caramel balayage hair, with a single braid,

mocha colored balayage hair, with dark roots and caramel highlights, seen in two styles, one wavy and one featuring a knot-like detail

The procedure may take a little time but it’s so worth it!

the process of creating balayage hair, wet shoulder length hair, half-covered in hair dye, next image shows the final resutl

And here are some before and after photos, featuring balayage dark hair

dry caramel colored hair, with split ends, next image shows wavy balayage hair, with brunette roots, and platinum blonde highlights

before and after images, first photo shows wavy, dark brunette hair, with slight highlights, in the second photo, we see the completed blond balayage hair

glossy shoulder length hair, brunette with caramel highlights, next image shows a woman, with balayage hair, in dark brown and light blonde

balayage brown hair, before and after photos, one showing long, tired-looking hair, and the other glossy hair with balayage, and curled ends

Choosing the right hairstyle is just as important as picking the right color – beach waves go great with balayage

back view of long, wavy brunette hair, next image shows the same hair, but curled and featuring subtle, brown highlights, balayage brown hair

black frizzy and wavy hair, seen from the back, next image shows, dyed brown hair with blonde highlights, styled in loose curls, before and after

brown hair with blonde highlights, before and after photos, slim young girl with light brunette hair, next image shows her wearing wavy balayage do

Some beuatiful suggestions for balayage with lush pink hues

two side by side images, one showing messy, wavy brunette hair, the other smooth hair in two shades of pink, with dark roots, balayage brown hair, before and after

green leaf crown, decorating the head of a slim woman, with long pink hair, and dark roots

pastel pink balayage brown hair, with loose curls, worn by a woman in a black strappy top, with a bag on her shoulder

platinum blonde strands, on long wavy hair, with dark roots, brown hair with blonde highlights, next image shows a similar hairstyle, with chocolate and caramel strands

deep red balayage brown hair, with layers and loose curls, worn by a woman in a black t-shirt

blue strands of hair, decorating a wavy, medium length dark brunette hairdo, balayage brown hair, seen in two imrrored images

bun on top of the head of a brunette woman, with subtle dark blonde highlights, brown hair with blonde highlights, seen from the back

images showing the difference, between brown hair with blonde highlights, and brunette hair, with dark blonde balayage

messy chocolate brown hair, with middle part, worn by slim, blue-eyed young woman, dressed in a grey t-shirt

olive green sweater, worn by a dark-eyed young woman, with messy brunette hair, swept over to one side, balayage brown hair, windswept wavy look

loose curls in chestnut brown, on medium length hair with dark roots, balayage brown hair, worn by a woman in a pale pink top

sunglasses and a white sleeveless top, worn by a slim woman, with long brown hair with blonde highlights, styled in loose curls

yellow top worn by a woman, with shoulder length wavy hairstyle, brown hair with blonde highlights, seen from the back

grey sleeveless top, worn by a woman, brown hair with blonde highlights, styled in loose waves, seen from the back


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