Astral Chain Quiz Kids Shuffle Solution Guide

While there aren’t a lot of puzzles and riddles in Astral Chain tips, you’ll come across some of them from time to time. One of these is the Quiz Kids riddles you’ll come across while playing the File 03. In this Astral Chain Quiz Kids Riddle Solution Guide, we’ve shared everything about solving the riddle.

Astral Chain Quiz Kids Riddle Solution

While playing File 03, you’ll get to an area called Maison Forest. Once there, you need to head over to the right side of the area and help out the mechanic. Once you’re done, climb up the nearby ladder to find the riddle.

The riddle involves five brothers tasking you to tell which one of them is lying. If you wish to solve the riddle on your own, you can talk to each brother separately and try to figure out things on your own.

In case you want to save some time, you can simply choose the 4th brother as he’s the one who’s lying. Solving the riddle correctly will let you obtain the Police Notes, Legion Rush ability, and a Torn Bag. Once you’re done, you need to speak to the kids again to acquire another small riddle called Quiz Kids Shuffle.

This one involves you watching kids run around and you’ll need to pick the oldest brother. You can obviously open up your IRIS to make things easier. To help you out, you simply need to pick Tony Galen born in 2067. Once you’re done, grab your reward and be done with it.

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How to solve Quiz Kids puzzle in Astral Chain

As you explore Maison Forest in File 3 of Astral Chain, you’ll encounter the Quiz Kids. Comprised of five brothers, the Quiz Kids present a challenge similar to what their name suggests. To complete their quiz, you’ll need to figure out which of the five brothers is lying. Traditionally, this can be done by interacting with each brother and listening carefully to their statement to determine the lie.

However, if you’ve already done this and are uncertain which statement is false, the internet is great when it comes to quick answers. To help you out, we’ve played this section of Astral Chain and have found that Brother is the liar. Sorry, Brother #4. By solving the Quiz Kids puzzle, you’ll unlock the ability to interact with them again to pick up a side quest called Quiz Kids Shuffle.

Essentially, this is another game where you watch the brothers shuffle themselves around, and you’ll need to pick the oldest brother to win. By opening your IRIS, you’ll be able to spot the oldest brother whose name is Tony Galen. When comparing his birth year of 2067 to the other brothers, you’ll be able to confirm he’s the oldest.

Completing both Quiz Kids challenges will net you rewards with the first puzzle gifting you a Torn Bag and new Legion Rush ability. You’ll also get a new hint for your Police Notes. The second challenge is much of the same and given how quick both challenges are, we recommend doing them one right after the other.

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