Astral Chain Quiz Brothers Guide Solution

Astral Chain, a new action-detective title from Platinum Games, provides a story-driven adventure with a fast-paced combat system. During downtime from combat, Astral Chain provides many diversions like collectibles, detective work, and puzzles. While playing File 03, a pair of riddles are presented to players by a group of five brothers called the Quiz Kids.


While making their way through File 03, Astral Chain players will enter an area called Maison Forest. Within Maison Forest is an NPC called simply “Arm Mechanic,” who will provide information to the player about a malfunctioning mechanical arm. Directly beside the mechanic is a bright yellow ladder, which will allow players to climb up to a wide, flat area. This area will contain five boys, the five Quiz Kids, who the player can question.

Astral Chain Quiz Kids Puzzle Solution

Here you will be given the task to find out the liar. There will be five brothers and you will confront them and will have to decide who is lying to you.

Well, what you can do is you can confront them and talk to them individually to get to know their statements and you can figure out the liar if you are very precise and listen closely.

But if you have gone through this and find this not very interesting, then you might wanna know who is the liar. Brother 4 is the actual liar. When you figure out and solve this quiz you will unlock the ability to interact with them again and pick up another side quest called Quiz Kids Reshuffle.

Now this as the name indicates, is the reshuffle of the original Quiz Kids.

Now in this one, those brothers will reshuffle themselves and what you have to do is, you have to pick out the oldest brother to win. For that, you open up your IRIS and you will be able to see the dates of birth of all the brothers and from that, you can figure out the oldest one named Tony Galen.

His birth year will be 2067 you will see that he is the oldest. Now, these two are different quizzes and you can do these at two different times but seeing the ease of these two quizzes we suggest that you solve them both at once and you will receive the reward of a Torn Bag and new Legion Rush Ability. You will also get a new hint for your police notes.


In the first puzzle, the fourth brother is lying. Selecting the fourth brother as the liar will solve the puzzle and reward the player with Police Notes, a Legion Rush ability, and a Torn Bag, a straightforward approach for this Astral Chain Tips.

The Quiz Kid Shuffle might seem daunting because the brothers all look exactly the same and run in speedy circles around the player character. However, using IRIS will provide players with all the information they need. The oldest brother is Tony Galen, born in 2067. At the end of the shuffle, he will be standing on the far right of the line of brothers. Solving this puzzle will provide a Call Burst +30% ability.

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