Astral Chain Audio: How To Change it ?

When you start playing Astral Chain it goes to English by default, both the voice language and the display language.  But you can change this if you want. Several players may prefer to play games with the Japanese voice artists, using subtitles to follow along.

How To Change Astral Chain Audio

Start the game, skip intro to character creation astral chain japanese audio. Turn off the game, start the game – now you have an access to game menu.

Well, that’s a surprise. All games should have options like this to be honest. I always wondered why western publishers are removing original language from Japanese games in most cases.

How To Change Voice Language And Display Language

The first thing you need to do is play through File 1, or Chapter 1 in more common parlance. Once you return to the Police Station, File 1 is over. It is a good idea to head to your PC in the main room and save your game, to be sure you don’t lose any progress. After that, open the main menu using the minus button, and go to the System tag.

Go to Return to Title by scrolling down, and this will bring you back to the main menu. From there, click on Options, and scroll down to Language.

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In there, you can set your language preferences for both Voice and Display. While there is a Language option in the game menu when you are playing, the choice is grayed out, preventing you from using it. As such, you have to go back to the title menu to change the voice and display language.

Today we have some news about the language options in Astral Chain Tips, which launches tomorrow on Nintendo Switch.

According to players who purchased an early copy of the game, Astral Chain Difficulty Settings supports two audio options – English and Japanese. Both the audio and text could be changed via the main menu after you complete the prologue.

With dual audio support, players have the freedom to play the game in their native language while enjoying voice dialogue in Japanese or English.

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