Amazing Diamond Engagement Rings – How to Choose?

The diamond ring has long symbolized love and commitment. As a matter of tradition, it is expected that a man will present a diamond engagement ring to his beloved, along with his marriage proposal. Diamond engagement rings have been created and presented to ladies since 1477 – the first recorded gifting of a diamond engagement ring. Engagement rings that didn’t feature diamonds have been around for even longer than that. Given this lengthy history, there are tons and tons of choices now available for amazing diamond engagement rings, so how can you ever choose?

Diamond engagement rings – the ultimate symbol of love and commitment

Well, there are several considerations when choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. Most importantly, the taste and dreams of the lady who is lucky enough to be the recipient of the ring. What does she like? There are so many features to consider. Does she like yellow, white or rose gold, palladium or platinum?

Does she like the simple solitaire? Does she like halos? Perhaps vintage style engagement rings? Also, how will you know which of these things your lady likes? If you haven’t had occasion to discuss these details naturally, you can always do a little checking on her social media sites to see what she’s expressed interest in. If all else fails, and you think you can trust in both their knowledge of her taste as well as their discretion, you can ask one of her close friends or family members for guidance.

Pink diamonds are the perfect choice for romantic souls

close up of two gold rings, one features a large pink diamond, and several small white diamonds, and the other is encrusted in small white diamonds

Lifestyle is a factor too. For example, women with a very physical or manual job are best off with less delicate styles and smaller center stones. Larger center stones tend to stand taller off the finger and are more susceptible to catching and knocking on things. Halo styles with their tiny accent stones held in place by tiny gold prongs are less sturdy than a solitaire for example. 18 karat gold is softer than 14 karat gold, so more active women will be better served by 14 karat gold than its softer 18 karat counterpart.

In terms of the type of stone, another good thing to know is whether or not your sweetie is open to alternative choices. Simulated diamond engagement rings have risen in popularity due to the cost factor. Also a pro is the fact that diamond simulants have no conflict, violence or damage to the earth associated with them.

Gorgeous split shank ring design

split shank silver or platinum ring, featuring one large white diamond, and several small white diamonds, on a person's hand, seen in close up

If you want to have a conflict free and eco friendly option that is truly a diamond, lab created diamond engagement rings are an amazing choice as well. While they are still more cost effective than mined diamonds, lab created diamonds are more costly than diamond simulants, but since they truly are diamonds in every way, they share all the desirable characteristics of mined diamonds, and none of the guilt!

If after all of this, you are still stumped on how to select the best, most amazing diamond engagement ring for your one true love, work with a trusted expert in the bridal jewelry field and get more information to help you find the one!

A stunning heart cut diamond

white diamond cut in a heart shape, standing on a black reflective surface, digitally created image

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