All clocks in Fortnite : Locations Founded 2019

It’s a good old fashioned object hunt here in Fortnite: Battle Royale. We haven’t had one of these with the weekly challenges for a little while, with most of the “find a thing” sort of tasks moving over to the Fortbyte section. But they do show up from time to time, and this week’s is pretty straightforward. Read on for a map, guide and locations for how to complete this Season 9, Week 8 challenge: visit three different clocks.

Some of these are fairly prominent, some less so. I’ve only found three (update: added sunny steps clock) in total on the map, though it’s possible there could be more. But a quick scan around possible points of interest didn’t yield anything, so let’s go with what we’ve got. Here’s where you’ll 

One of the challenges for Season 9, Week 8 is to “Visit different clocks”. We have highlighted all of the clock locations on the map below. Here are four locations of clock on the map:

Here are the locations of the clocks in-game.

Here are all of the clock locations in Fortnite to complete the week 8 challenge,”Visit different clocks”.

New challenges are released in Fortnite on a weekly basis on Thursdays and completing these challenges awards players with Battle Stars to progress in the Season 9 Battle Pass or XP for those who have already reached Tier 100.

Here are the locations of the clocks in-game.


At the start of Season 9, Tilted Towers was rebuilt to be made into the futuristic Neo Tilted, The remains from Tilted Towers, including the damage clock tower was moved to Junk Junction. It looks like you will have to go to the clock shown in the image below and the clock in front of the same broken tower, on the other side in order for it to register.

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