AIR PIX: The Pocket-Sized Selfie Drone You Can Control With Your Phone

Getting a good selfie is no easy task. Your arm can only stretch so far. Your selfie stick can only capture certain angles. There’s just no way to capture a selfie that looks as good as a photo snapped by someone else.

That’s where drones come into play. They let you take photos from angles that would normally require someone else (and even angles that humans can’t get to).

AIR PIX aims to be the selfie drone that’s affordable for anyone. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a drone that’ll take photos, AIR PIX has all of the necessary features at a price that’s quite reasonable.

AIR PIX Features

The creators of AIR PIX seem to have thought of everything in terms of features. Using the simple app, the pocket-sized drone will fly out and set up for the perfect photo. They promise that drone works with “one touch” so you don’t need to be a skilled pilot to get the photo you want.

The camera itself is 12MP, which means it’ll take rather sharp photos and HD videos.

According to AirSelfie, the company behind AIR PIX, this is the smallest and lightest aerial camera on the market. Because it’s so tiny, it doesn’t need to be registered with the FAA, as it only weighs 1.83 oz (52g). The limit is 250g, so it’s well underneath. It comes in at 3.34 inches by 4.01 inches wide and .51 inches thick.

AIR PIX has four coreless motors that allow the device to position itself properly for different angles. The chassis is made of ABS plastic, so it’s light and durable. And while it can take a fall or two, the device is designed to automatically land safely when the battery is low or when it loses control, so it won’t crash to the ground.

Because it’s so small, AIR PIX doesn’t have a huge battery, which means it only gets about six minutes of flight time at a 60-foot range. It’s designed to take quick photos, so the amount of battery should be sufficient for getting a few pictures. Just don’t plan on using AIR PIX for long aerial videos.

AIR PIX Price and Availability

AirSelfie is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo for its selfie drone. Backers interested in pre-ordering an AIR PIX can get one for $79.99. However, the final retail price of the device will be $99. If you decide to jump in and order one, you won’t have to wait too long to receive a device, as the company plans to begin shipping them to backers in August.

Like all crowdfunding projects, there are risks involved in backing them, and nothing is guaranteed.

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