AI Can Do What? 5 Sites for Mind-Blowing Creations by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at a pace that us non-technologists can’t quite comprehend. To realize the true power of what is possible with AI, check out these five sites for the mind-boggling things it can create.

Through deep learning, machine learning, or AI, these websites show how AI can now create something new out of scratch. This ranges from writing a poem based on your input to creating a selfie of a person that does not exist.

1. Poem Portraits by Google (Web): AI Writes Poems About You

Google's Poem Portraits generates original unique two line poems using AI

The Google Arts and Culture lab comes up with cool stuff all the time. Poem Portraits is a collaboration with artist Es Devlin and creative technologist Ross Goodwin. In the app, AI will write a unique new poem for you, and turn it into a funky portrait.

Here’s how it works. Poem Portraits first asks you to enter a word. Based on that it will come up with a new two-line poem. The algorithm has been trained over 20 million words of 19th century poetry.

Next, the app asks you to take a selfie with your webcam or your phone. It then shows you the final output of the two-line poem, which is also turned into a painting of your selfie. The words are laid across the shape of your face, with a few filters applied, making this a unique self-portrait of your face and your own poetry.

You can check “Collective Poem” to see all the two-line poems generated so far. In essence, Google’s AI is creating art in collaboration with you, about you. It’s mind-blowing!

2. 9 GANS (Web): AI Creates Nine New Paintings Every Hour

9 GANs is AI that creates nine new paintings every hour

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are the preferred tool of many AI creators these days, especially when it comes to working with graphics. The AI learns a lot based on the images it is fed, and then it can create new images based on the patterns it has learned.

9 GANS uses this technology to create new pieces of artwork. The AI generates nine new digital paintings every hour. After the hour is up, the paintings are deleted forever, adding charm and value to them due to their short life. And the AI starts generating nine completely new paintings, in random order.

The styles might seem familiar sometimes because the GAN is based on famous paintings. But how it mixes and matches learnings from thousands of paintings to create something new is the cool part.

3. This X Does Not Exist (Web): Collection of AI-Based Creators

This X Does Not Exist is a collection of AI random creators like This Person Does Not Exist

9 GANs isn’t the only computer-based creator out there. The most famous GAN-based website on the internet today is This Person Does Not Exist (TPDNE), which creates real-looking fake human faces out of nothing.

TPDNE inspired several others to make such AI-based sites. This X Does Not Exist collates all these AI creators in one place. The collection includes AI-generated cats, job resumes, Airbnb listings, startups, and other made-up creations that seem absolutely genuine.

Apart from the general wow factor of seeing something a machine made, these sites can also be useful. For example, TPDNE made it to our list of new free stock image sites worth checking out. The AI-made resumes by CV-maker EnhanCV show what an effective, filled-out resume should look like. But yes, more than anything else, it’s fun.

4. Computoser (Web): AI Creates New Music, Free to Download and Use

Computser creates original new music with AI

Computoser is so cool, so weird, and so fun that you must try it out. Let’s call it an AI-powered musician or band, which is ready to create a new song based on your likes and dislikes.

You can set different parameters like mood (happy or sad), tempo, accompaniment, classical, electronic-like, drums, dissonance, and the instruments and scale. You specifically want a french horn playing in major pentatonic? No problem.

Once you’ve tinkered with the settings, Computser’s algorithm will create a new track with that input. It’s the first time this is being done, so it’s uniquely yours. If you like it, you can even download it as a MIDI or MP3 file to use it in creative works.

There’s a section of free-to-use stock music collections, most liked tracks, and even a small game where you guess the instrument and tempo of a song. There’s a whole lot to like here, but nothing beats creating a new musical piece of your own, aided by your band Computser.

5. How to Generate Almost Anything (Web): MIT’s AI-Human Experiments

AI-generated ideas aren’t perfect yet and need some human assistance. Engineers at MIT wanted to see how far the AI-human collaborative creative process could go in the current avatar. Check out their experiments at this site.

So far, the algorithms and the teams have come together to create new music; new and weird pizza recipes, chocolate truffles, and cocktails; fashion, dresses, and perfumes; graffiti; and even viruses in a lab.

Each project has a full explanation of the process, but the more interesting part is the short video. Here, you can see the engineers actually execute the AI’s creation, and the reactions of both experts in the field as well as regular people. You’ll love it.

Play With Google’s AI Experiments

Poem Portraits is only the latest concoction of the mad scientists at Google. The company has been experimenting with artificial intelligence for years and has come up with other cool projects which you can play with.

From inventing a whole new type of sound to creating songs out of pictures you take on your phone, here are some of the coolest Google AI experiments you should check out.

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