After Hong Kong references China bans PewDiePie

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg is the world’s largest independent YouTube channel — but if you live in China, you can no longer enjoy the Swedish star’s content. Following a series of jokes referencing the Hong Kong protests, the PewDiePie channel now appears to be censored.

The YouTuber announced his blacklisting in a recent video, where he shows a screenshot of what happens if you search “PewDiePie” in China. Nothing comes up. This is likely due to China’s reliance on a massive surveillance and censorship program that is sometimes referred to as the “Great Fire Wall of China.”

Kjellberg isn’t exactly surprised by this turn of events — recently, high profile musician DJ Zedd also got banned from China, allegedly for merely liking a South Park tweet. Kjellberg, meanwhile, featured a meme on his YouTube channel that jokingly referred to China as a “dumb bitch.” The YouTuber also spent time in that video discussing the NBA China scandal with Lebron James, as well as the hearthstone player ban. “China is like that one person on Twitter that can’t take any criticism and just blocks everyone” he said in a video uploaded on October 16.

“I’m laughing but, yeah, I’m sorry if you are in China and trying to watch my videos,” Kjellberg said in a video uploaded yesterday. “That kinda sucks.” Kjellberg also cracked jokes about the situation on Twitter, where he used the situation to plug a paid VPN service.

just found out I’m banned in china. shit fucking sucks so hard dude

China took copyright of Pewdiepie in 2017 without me being able to stop them anyway, guess they can’t sell any more pewdiepie wedding dresses now lol

“Keep the internet open and free from ban regulatios [sic],” Kjellberg wrote.

On Twitter, Chinese internet users confirm that they can’t see Kjellberg’s content under normal means, but re-uploads on other video sites still make it possible to view his videos.

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