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Best AFK Arena Characters in The Game

AFK Arena is a popular role-playing game with dozens of characters to choose from. In this post, we will share AFK Arena Tier List to choose the best characters in the game.

There is a wide range of team formations possible in the game and each formation can bring something different to the table in terms of strategies. Selectively choosing the best possible heroes is important and you should limit your focus to them. This helps you save and manage a lot of resources and more importantly your time. Therefore to help you build your ideal team, we have provided you with this tier list, which can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Keep in mind that this AFK Arena Tier List is not absolute and is based on our experience with the game.

AFK Arena Tier List: Best Heroes in the Game (2019)

AFK Arena Characters

Here in this article, we have put up a list of best AFK Arena characters from each class whom we feel are standouts. This AFK Arena Tier List is calculated by our analysis and also from inputs by those who have played the game


Vedan is a character with many strengths and literally no weaknesses. He is a legendary hero and you will get him as a rare unit in the summons. However, you can’t upgrade him past level 160. His ultimate skill is that he can morph into a swarm of bats for a period of 7 seconds. d During this time he is practically immune to attacks. During this state, his life-leeching attribute also increases by 50 percent. His second skill is also pretty handy as he can heal himself while attacking. Overall one of the strongest characters in the game.


Brutus is a mythic Hero and is very hard to get as he is an elite unit in the summons. However, luckily, after completing chapter 14 you can get one for free. His main skill is his move the Last Gasp-where after being dealt a fatal blow he can retain one health point and is immune to damage for a period of 8 seconds. This ability can only be used once. Brutal Defiance is another skill where once his health gets very low his damage dealing ability increases by a hundred percent and his movement speed increases by 25 percentage. His damage dealing capabilities increases as he levels up.


Shemira is not properly the best characters to use in the early part of the game because she is slightly lacking when it comes to dealing damage. She is easier to build than Brutus and can be obtained from the Labyrinth shop and at the end of Chapter 15. However, once she reaches level 161 things change rapidly. Her ultimate skill-Tortured Souls- in which souls of the dead, spiral around her continuously damaging her enemies for a duration of 12 seconds. The cool aspect of the skill is that when it is in effect 50 percent of the damage it causes is converted into Shemira’s health.

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Raine is a mythical Hero and is pretty hard to get. The only way to get her is for free at the end of level 16. As a solo character, she is not that effective however, once you put her in a team her value sharply increases. Her ultimate kill- The cripple marks her enemies with a bounty symbol. Enemies with bounty symbol on their head will suffer an additional 20 % of damage when attacked. If such an enemy is killed by Raine or her teammate, then their energy is restored and their Critrating is increased. She and Shemira form a great team because their attacks compliment each other.


Nemora is primary a healing character but that should not be the reason why you should underestimate her. Nemora possesses a very cool second skill which makes enemies attack their own Troops. Pairing her with any top hero will yield good results.

AFK Arena Tier List – S Tier Best Heroes


Tasi is a mage type character and her main role is that of a supporting hero. She has a very cool skill that puts enemies to sleep for a period of 5 seconds. Another interesting skill she possesses is the banishment where she simply banishes the strongest enemy on the battlefield for a short interval helping her team in the process. She also has some healing attributes which makes her an all-action hero.


Lucius is a hero that you can obtain as a reward early in the game. Hence, it is slightly easier to level him up and utilize his full power. He is best used as supporting Hero and can shield his allies for up to 10 seconds. He also has healing power and can deal AoE damage.


There is nothing to dislike about him- has great debuffs, deals AoE damage,  and also slows down enemy attacks.


Ferael is great at dealing damage and also has haunting spirits. However, his final skill can only be activated if a teammate is dead.


Athalia can inflict a huge amount of damage, can do healing, and also stun opponents.


So this is the complete AFK Arena Tier List, Although there are other characters available, the ones we have listed are the best in the game. They are the most powerful and skilled ones available. If you any queries related to the game, do write to us.

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