85 Incredibly Cool Tree Houses That Will Have You Dreaming Of A Forest Getaway

Gone are the simple days when we used to built DIY tree houses in our back yards. Like so many millennial childhood favorites, the humble tree houses have undergone a substantial transformation, and are now luxurious and stylish properties, perfectly adapted for our fast-paced world. They are getting increasingly popular too –  not only due to their obvious nostalgic connotations, but also because of their close proximity to nature. As we have discussed in some of out previous articles, more and more people are looking for ways to rekindle their lost connection with the natural world. If you are one of them, and dream of a getaway in the forest or mountains, you will love this article! Our team has selected 85 incredibly cool tree houses, that evoke the quiet peace and tranquility of nature. Ranging from unusual and artistic designs and futuristic concepts, to comfortable family dwellings and tiny capsule huts – we have it all!

A small and secluded property, ideal for a short getaway:

No cool tree houses list would be complete without this amazing camouflaged forest hut!

mirror walls on a cube-shaped tree house, illuminated from within, built on several trees, inside a forest, seen at dusk, cool tree houses

This gorgeous glass building takes the tree house concept to a whole new level

tubular glass structure, with four stories, built around a large green tree, cool tree houses, surrounded by a dark green forest

When it comes to cool tree houses, the only limit is your imagination. Although the classical design is pretty simple, we have seen loads of brilliant experimentation with unusual shapes, materials and locations. Cubical or cocoon-like structures, for example are rapidly gaining popularity. Concepts inspired by nature are also a huge hit, as they usually offer a more environmental friendly way of life that goes in line with its surroundings.

Want to know how the magic happens? Check out this timelapse of the building process:

Luxury tree house fit for celebrities:

Here is an amazing suggestion for those who want to believe…

UFO shaped tree house, made from silver metal, suspended over the ground from several trees, and accessible through a ladder, cool tree houses, inside a dark forest

Forest fairytale

bright sunny green forest, with a white modern structure, built around one of the trees, cool tree houses, open air forest shelter

Beautiful property with a modern twist

modern black and white cube-shaped structure, with several windows, suspended over the ground from several trees, cool tree houses, inside a fir forest

If you would like to make a tree house yourself, you can find lots of tutorials and even building plans online. However, we strongly advise getting some tips from a professional before you begin. Although the process itself might seem relatively simple, there are things that could go wrong, if you are not an experienced carpenter or builder. Remember to always put safety first!

If you want to know what life in a tree house is like, watch this cool video tour

And now enjoy our wonderful selection of cool tree houses!

semi-round structure, made from wood and glass, inside a forest, with firs and ferns, cool tree houses, round wooden steps

Nothing says adventure like an illuminated, balloon-shaped tree house tent!

illuminated ballon-shaped structure, built on a tree, high above the ground, cool tree houses or tents, dark evening sky

The perfect home for free-spirited nature lovers!

digitally created image of a treehouse, modern structure with stained glass windows, built on wooden platforms, inside a sunlit forest

Great idea for people who love the beach

beach treehouse, round white orb, hanging above the ground, suspended from several trees, growing on a sandy shore, near the sea

diamond-shaped pale green treehouse, made from metal and glass, placed inside a sunny forest, green fir trees, moss and grass

We love this cosy egg-shaped mountain tree house!

snow-covered mountains, egg-shaped structure, nestled between large fir trees, modern capsule-like treehouse

oval room inside a treehouse, wooden dome-like walls, with a circular window on the ceiling, wooden floor and a bed, lamp and a white rug

Industrial-style? We say why not!

tile-covered industrial-style treehouse, suspended on a wooden platform, two windows and a door, accessible through a staircase, built around a nearby tree

young man stepping out of a treehouse in the forest, made of wood, with roundish shape, accessible via a narrow bridge, made of round wooden tiles

How about this unusual nest-like tree house?

treehouse covered with many branches, looking like a cube-shaped nest, built on several trees, high above the ground

Compact, luxurious accommodation in the heart of the forest

treehouse ideas, wooden two story building, with several windows, built above the ground, around a large tree, and accessible through a winding staircase

interior of a tree house, wood paneling on the walls, several large windows, high ceiling with three hanging lights, treehouse ideas

thick green forest, with a wooden tree house, in red and beige, built around several trees, treehouse ideas, suspended high above the ground

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a castle, now’s your chance:

castle-like tree house, with three towers, covered with wooden panels, treehouse ideas, linked to nearby structure, with a bridge made of rope

Not only does it look regal from outside – it also offers some amazing interiors!

inside a tree house castle, round room with wood panelling on the walls, trap door and wooden beams on the ceiling, treehouse ideas, large TV and three windows

kitchen island and a framed artwork, inside a large oval room, with laminate floor, and wood panels on the walls, interior treehouse ideas,

Would you live here?

laminate floor and ceiling beams, kitchen cabinets and small fridges, several windows and a framed artwork, treehouse ideas, living tree in the centre

two images showing a tree house interior, from different angles, wooden paneling and floor, mirror and a window, treehouse ideas, unfurnished living space

tower-like structures linked together through a bridge, made from rope and wooden planks, diy treehouse, situated in a forest

This capsule-like tree house might be small, but it offers a gorgeous view!

treehouse designs, modern structure made of wood and metal, with several windows, built on a platform above the ground, near several green trees

three pillows on a double bed, inside a capsule-like construction, with wood paneling, and three windows, treehouse designs

This is how we imagine the perfect holiday accommodation

palm trees surrounding a beach tree house, made from bamboo and wood, curtains and lit candles, the sea at dusk in the background, diy treehouse

diy treehouse made from bamboo and wood, double bed with a baldachin, several lit lamps, three windows with open shutters

A simple, but also ingenious wooden shelter

pyramid-shaped construction, made from pale wood, and suspended from a large fir tree, diy treehouse or shelter

shelter made from pale wooden material, shaped like a pyramid, diy treehouse, hanging from a large fir tree, in a park

green trees surrounding a tube-shaped construction, with window and a glass door, treehouse designs, wooden tiles and metal

Romantic tree house overlooking a lake – yes please!

big house with wooden staircase, built on a large old tree, overlooking a lake, treehouse designs, green field and trees

setting sun in pink and orange, big silhouette of a tree, with a house built around it, suspend high above the ground, treehouse designs, winding wooden stairs

It’s hard not to fall in love with this charming boho dwelling:

fairy lights illuminating a boho-style tree house, treehouse designs, built around several trees, and connected to a nearby structure via a bridge

boho hut built around several trees, inside a green forest, construction made from wood, with large windows, treehouse designs, decorated with fairy lights

close up of a bridge, made from wooden planks and rope, treehouse designs, decorated with fairy lights, connecting two tree houses

adult treehouse, seen from two different angles, rectangular wooden construction, with many large windows, bridge linking two buildings

And how cute is this fairy-tale cottage?

cottage with a thatched roof, and a small terrace, built on a big old tree, overlooking a lake, surrounded by vegetation, adult treehouse

hot air balloon-shaped adult treehouse, made from wood and glass, and illuminated from within, with long staircase, dark nighttime forest

metal beams supporting a modern adult treehouse, with semi oval shape, built in a lake, surrounded by various trees

Beautiful and quirky – a sakura tree house inspired by Japanese aesthetics 

japanese aesthetic inspired adult treehouse, built on a tall stump, in the middle of a sakura cherry tree garden

rows of wooden stairs, leading up to an oval-shaped adult treehouse, in white and beige, built on tall metal rods,

And here is a fun idea for airplane enthusiasts:

red and silver airplane, placed on stone pillars, and supported by trees, containing an adult treehouse, with wooden terrace and roof

lush green park, with many trees, containing a modern, tubular adult treehouse, made from glass and wood, staircase built around a large tree

fields of yellow and purple, in a country side area with trees, wooden treehouse with terrace, built around several old trees

Magical forest home

backyard treehouse, circular wooden structure, with round window, suspended above the ground, on several tall trees, thick green forest

woman leaning on a wooden terrace, next to a house made from the same material, built on a wooden platform, mountain view with trees

old fir tree, with a small wooden tree house built around it, winding wooden stairs, small terrace with a lit lamp

Asymmetrical wooden treehouse – cozy and fun

asymmetrical wooden house, built above the ground, and supported by several trees, lit from within, photo taken at night

terrace attached to a wooden hut, diy treehouse, built high above the ground, on several trees, green ferns and other plants nearby

High above the ground

high above the ground, a tree house with several windows, illuminated from lamps inside, accessible through three sets of stairs

ferns and other plants, surrounding a large, diy treehouse, built around several tall trees, in a mossy forest, ladder and stone bench

leafy green forest, or misty jungle, small wooden hut, with a roof made of straw, diy treehouse, lit from inside and outside

And now let’s see what life is like inside a tree house!

orange hues in a tree house room, with wooden paneling and laminate floor, beige curtains and several lit lamps, various decorative objects

dark tree house interior, with a living tree, wooden paneling and two brown sofas, a rough wooden table and stool

seven gray and white stools, in the middle of a bright room, with three windows, off-white sofas and grey and white patterned walls and ceiling

Although we really like stylish modern interiors, we can’t help but love this simple yet cozy boho set up

bean bag chairs, ornamental carpet and a bed, inside a boho-style tree house, with several windows, and ceiling with wooden beams

carpet in various shades of blue, yellow and red, decorating a bight room, with a table and chairs, two windows and wooden paneling

animal skull and a bottle, decorating a simple room, with a wooden armchair, two windows and open glass doors, wooden paneling and floor

The perfect spot for a weekend with friends

people leaning on the railing of a wooden terrace, attached to a two story tree house, made of wood, and built in the middle of a green forest

classical small backyard treehouse, made of wood, on metal platforms, with two small windows, and a metal ladder, green trees nearby

winding staircase leading to a backyard treehouse, built on several large trees, wooden structure with two terraces

This might be taking things a step to far…

brick house with windows and a door, built on a large tree, several other similar brick buildings in the background

thin wooden beams, supporting a platform, with a small modern house, large windows and a terrace, built in a green forest

bonfire near two people, two tree houses built on large fir trees, and linked through a long bridge, photo taken at dusk

saucer-shaped tree house, made from yellow colored wooden material, and supported by several trees, accessible through stairs

Enjoy the beauty of nature up close, in every season

autumn trees with yellow, orange and green leaves, near a wooden backyard treehouse, with a small terrace, accessible through a set of stairs

several sets of stairs, leading to a simple wooden backyard treehouse, with a small terrace, many green trees all around

Cool tree house idea for your back yard

lounging area with two sofas, a multicolored armchair swing, and various plants, small wooden structure, backyard treehouse

lots of trees and other vegetation, surrounding a small tree house, made of light colored wood, long white ladder

Small yet functional – this is how we remember the tree houses from our childhood!

tiny cube-shaped backyard treehouse, with several windows, and wooden paneling, suspended above the ground, and accessible through a wooden ladder

branches or palm leaves, covering a round wooden hut, built on a platform on top of a tall tree, and accessible through a staircase

Another awesome tree castle

four tower-like wooden structures, attached to a castle-like tree house, built on a wooden platform, suspended over the ground, jacuzzi and a fence

gazebo and a small house, built on green trees, using wood and other materials, and connected by several bridges and stairs,

rope and wooden bridges, connecting several constructions, suspended above the ground, wooden tree house

winter in the woods, large modern tree home with two buildings, built on several trees, and linked together with a bridge

A quiet forest nest

wild flowers growing on a green field, dark fir forest nearby, with a round tree house nestled between the trees

sphere made of wood, with a circular window, suspended from several fir trees, and accessible through a set of stairs

straw roof covering a bamboo hut, built on several trees, backyard treehouse, accessible through a wooden staircase

mushroom sculptures in red and cream, decorating a staircase, leading to a three story tree house, made of wood

We are willing to bet that this house belongs to a good witch

unusual wooden house, with asymmetrical features, covered with wooden planks and tiles, several windows and a tower-like feature

wooden house with two stories, built above the ground, on several large trees, winding wooden stairs, snowy fir forest

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

swing hanging from the branches of a tall tree, with a small wooden treehouse, with a ladder, clouds and a mountain view

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