83 Photos With Ideas on How to Decorate a Living Room or Studio Flat

Looking for practical ideas and advice on how to decorate a living room or a small studio? You’ve come to the right place! In this article you will find 83 amazing suggestions for setting up small spaces, complete with tips for choosing the best color palettes, furniture and decorations. So – without further ado – let’s get started!

A small home doesn’t necessarily equal an uncomfortable, cramped space, filled with furniture. In our modern day and age, there are numerous ingenious furnishing solutions, such as elegant and multifunctional fold-up beds, sofas and tables. Even if the room you’d like to set up is as small as 10 m 2, rest assured that you can find many original and aesthetically pleasing options.

One of the most important pieces of advice for decorating small spaces is choosing a light color palette. Beige, yellow and light grey, for example, are excellent choices. Dark hues are not suitable, unless they are used sparingly. This is especially true for walls and ceilings – opt for white or pale beige, in order to create a more bright and spacious atmosphere. As for furniture, we recommend getting a corner sofa. Not only will it save you space but it can also double as a bed, if necessary, as most models nowadays are retractable. If the structure of the space allows, consider enraging the windows, and choose sheer curtains in light colors. If this is not an option, opt for multiple lighting options. A well-lit room always seems bigger, cozier and more inviting.

And now, to better illustrate the points made above, we invite you to take a look at our extensive gallery, containing 83 great ideas, suitable for every budget:

Wondering how to decorate a living room or small studio? Find inspiration among our stylish suggestions:

Create a beautiful and cozy relaxation corner:

sitting nook inbuilt in a wall, with white wooden paneling, and several different pillows, in white and green, pink armchair and a small white coffee table, room design

Pale pastel colors are an excellent choice for small spaces – even attic rooms:

ornamental multicolored rug, inside an attic room, with light laminate floor, white ceiling beams, room design, bed with multicolored cover, and book shelves

Minimalistic set up in vintage country style:

vintage-inspired furniture, inside a spacious attic room, room design, black wrought iron bed, two retro armchairs, ornate wooden coffee table

Here, dark grey is used for the accent wall, making the rest of the room pop out:

desk in light grey and white, with a matching chair, near a bed in creamy grey, room design, small grey sofa, and a coffee table

Light colors will make your studio seem more spacious:

studio flat in white, with a beige laminate floor, room design, containing a sleeping area with bed, a kitchenette, a dining area and a TV

White furniture reflects the light from the window, making the room look brighter:

sunlit living room area, with a dark brown sofa, and a retractible bed, room design, white walls with cabinets, smooth black floor, with a black fluffy rug

A small living room in white and beige, with wooden and wicker details

vaulted ceiling in white, inside a living room, with white wooden paneling, room design, light beige floor, with a beige rug, white sofa and wooden furniture

Add a cheerful splash of pastel colors:

how to decorate a living room, three images showing a large beige sofa, divided into three or two separate settees, modern orange chair

We love this space-saving kitchenette and living room area combo:

couches for small living rooms, white space with pale laminate floor, containing a kitchenette, and a dark grey settee with matching cushions

seven images in silver frames, on a pale beige wall, inside a bright living room, with laminate floor, and light beige rug, couches for small living rooms

bright space with a wooden vaulted ceiling, large windows and white walls, containing a white sofa, with dark grey cushion and throw, how to decorate a living room

This bright and cheerful, candy-colored lounging space is a charming and unusual solution, ideal for people who like to think outside of the box:

yellow chair inside a bright room, decorated with pastel colors, how to decorate a living room, containing a beige corner sofa, with multicolored cushions

living room furniture for small spaces, two story studio, with a white bed on the second story, and a reading nook beneath, pale brown chair, and a coffee table

home decor inspiration, white wardrobe and a bed in light colors, pale beige laminate floor, small table with two dark chairs

shelves in white, containing books and vases, and various decorative items, how to decorate a living room, tv on a white and black stand, in the background

Pale grey is a great choice for small spaces. Here, the lack of windows is offset by several light sources:

partial wall in pale grey, separating a bed and a living room area, grey modern sofa, small round coffee table, living room furniture for small spaces, framed artwork and two lamps

navy blue sofa, with two beige cushions, and a white fluffy throw, how to decorate a living room, beige armchair and a large, green potted plant, antique orange lamp

green cushions and potted plants, inside a spacious white studio, with pale beige laminate floor, white sofa and two coffee tables, and a dining area, home decor inspiration

corner sofa in dark blue, with white and yellow cushions, and two small coffee tables, living room furniture for small spaces, sleeping area separated by a white wardrobe

brick red settee, inside a white room, with a round multicolored rug, and a small modern coffee table, living room furniture for small spaces, book shelves and a bed

How to decorate a living room – gorgeous, zen-style space, with stylish, minimalistic decor:

brown and cream furniture, made of wood, inside a minimalistic room, with a tv on a large wooden stand, and big windows, with cream-colored blinds

wicker furniture details, and wooden cabinets, inside a room with a kitchenette, and a living room area, home decor inspiration, brown and white palette

bauhaus style room, with a pale grey sofa, a striped black and white rug, and a small coffee table, how to decorate a living room, framed artwork and modern chairs

pull-out beige settees, that form a couch, woman pulling one part away, two women sitting on separate settees

red accents inside a two story home, with a small beige corner sofa, living room furniture for small spaces, various decorations and potted plants, red armchair and several windows

What do you think about these ingenious storage options:

storage spaces and drawers, inside a bright room, with light beige wooden floor, living room furniture for small spaces, furniture with teal accents, grey desk with two chairs

Industrial style interior for a loft studio:

loft studio flat on two levels, with industrial style details, and a brick wall, home decor inspiration, wooden panelling on the lower level, a hammock and a surfing board, on the upper floor

large pale grey corner sofa, and a black coffee table, inside a spacious room, with white walls, how to decorate a living room, two black leather armchairs

modern and minimalistic sofa, in grey and black, inside a room with pale grey walls, living room furniture for small spaces, fluffy pale grey rug, and a wardrobe with sliding doors

lit fire inside a fireplace, wicker coffee table, and retro armchair, home decor inspiration, dark brown bookshelves, candles and flower decorations

animal print armchair, and a grey corner sofa, inside a loft studio, home decor inspiration, pale beige walls, and a cream laminate floor

industrial style studio flat, with a winding wrought iron staircase, containing a large black and white table, home decor inspiration, a kitchenette and some shelves

velvet pale beige couch, inside a narrow space, couches for small living rooms, white bookshelves and a white coffee table, on a pale grey rug

pewter grey corner sofa, with light grey cushions, on a fluffy cream colored rug, couches for small living rooms, laminate floor and a kitchenette in the background

greyscale portrait framed between two tall windows, with pale beige curtains, inside a room with laminate floor, off-white sofa and other furniture

room setup ideas, round metallic lamp in pink, hanging above a white coffee table, inside a white room, with grey rug, and several framed artworks

copper-colored lamp, standing over an armchair in grey, with a patterned cushion and a red throw, on a beige wooden floor, near a faded blue rug, and a coffee table

How to decorate a living room: color palette suggestion for large living room areas:

nordic style living room in white, with a brick wall accent, containing a white sofa, with several cushions, a patterned rug in grey, chairs and a turquoise coffee table, room setup ideas

tall lamp in white, near two white stands, with grey and white vases, room setup ideas, pale grey sofa, with several cushions, and a white coffee table, with pink flowers

window settee and bookshelf, inbuilt in a white wall, near a black metal heater, with live fire, living room furniture for small spaces, beige wooden floor

stacks of books, and framed artworks, propped up on a wall, inside a small studio in white, room setup ideas, white sofa and clear glass coffee table

A beautiful and cozy pale beige and light gray combination:

sheer pale grey curtains, inside a light room, with a dining table, and four white chairs, room setup ideas, pale grey sofa, and three hanging lamps

us flag cushion, on a bed with checkered cover, inside a room with pale grey walls, and a single bookshelf, room setup ideas, white desk with a brown chair in the background

silver-colored metal trunk, converted into a coffee table, near a dark grey corner sofa, room setup ideas, bookshelves and a wicker chair

scandinavian style room, with a beige wooden floor, a bed in pale blue, sofa with a light lavender-colored cover, and several cushions, room setup ideas, framed artwork and coffee tables

abstract painting mounted on a white wall, inside a room with pale, beige wooden floor, containing an off-white wicker chair, a white desk and a stool

orange modern chair, near a dark, stone covered wall, inside a spacious living room, with large cream corner sofa, and big round coffee table

The ideal city flat, complete with brilliant space-saving furniture, and a breathtaking view:

foldable furniture inside a studio flat, navy blue sofa, with storage compartments, dining table with four black chairs, couches for small living rooms, large window with a city view

retractable bed in grey and orange, transformed into a table, in three steps, bright room wth beige floor, and a round cream rug

oval dining table in white, and four chairs, inside a loft studio flat, with brown laminate floor, kitchenette and an upper level, with a sitting area

clothes racks and hanging lights, simple grey and brown sofa, and dining table with small stools, inside a room, with a smooth grey floor, and a patterned rug

Bedroom and living room all in one – a tasteful and cozy decor:

floral wallpaper on one of the walls of a studio, containing a bed, a bookshelf and a grey sofa, several framed artworks, and various decorations

purple sofa with two sets of matching cushions, inside a narrow room, couches for small living rooms, a round rug and a small coffee table

baby pink striped sofa, with matching pastel pink cushions, and one pale blue cushion, inside a room with light pink, and blue wallpaper, and two white coffee tables, in different sizes

ground level sofa, and matching settee, made from blue and white cushions, placed on the floor, small wooden coffee table, large window with blinds

books stacked on a light wooden floor, in a minimalistic room, with a pale grey sofa, covered in pastel-colored cushions, three legged coffee table

Gorgeous living room with large windows and a high ceiling

cream-colored corner sofa, on a fluffy grey rug, placed on a beige, wooden laminate floor, inside a room with large windows, and a high ceiling

fluffy purple wall decoration, inside a room with two windows, containing a dark grey sofa, a pale cream chest of drawers, a tv and other items

open door in a room with white walls, and a pale beige laminate floor, bed and a black sofa, dining table in white, with flowers and food

Attic studio in white, with a dark grey accent wall, and splashes of purple and yellow:

slopped ceiling in a room with white walls, containing a pale grey sofa, with multicolored cushions, white coffee table, bed and bookshelves

leather sofa in brown, with a white throw, near a round white coffee table, inside a room with a laminate floor, a bed and a yellow chest of drawers

Chic studio in white and grey, with a laminate floor, and a subtle retro twist:

three windows with sheer grey curtains, beige laminate floor, pale grey sofa, and a glass top table, kitchenette area and a table, with three chairs

tall bookshelves with lots of books, and other items, inside a white room, with a small wardrobe, a pale blue settee, and an indoor plant

skull of an animal with horns, mounted on a white wall, above a black fireplace, inside a minimalistic, nordic style room, firewood and animal skins

smooth white floor, inside a bright room, with a bed and a window, a corner sofa with lots of cushions, some bookshelves and cupboards

rug in beige with tassels, inside a bright room, with large windows, containing a white sofa, a coffee table, and a peach-colored chair

How to decorate a living room – opt for a neutral palette, and add pastel-colored decorative elements:

four cushions on a pale grey sofa, inside a room with white walls, and a smooth white floor, couches for small living rooms, black and white fluffy rug, three small wooden coffee tables

high angle image, showing a bright room, with a beige corner sofa, a patterned beige and brown rug, and wooden laminate floor, simple living room designs, tv on a dark brown stand

hanging lights inside a studio flat, with a multicolored rug, a grey sofa and a bed, a kitchenette and some framed artworks

old wooden crates, transformed into bookshelves, inside a nordic style room, with wooden floor, beige rug and a wicker chair

fainting couch in cream, with beige cushions, inside a room with cream walls, an open terrace door, and an archway detail

boho style rustic room, with a vintage and worn wooden floor, and shabby brick walls, large green indoor plants, books and decorations

crystal chandelier inside a white room, with a large window, and a pale beige corner sofa, simple living room designs, black coffee table, and a white armchair

dining table with three mismatched chairs and a stool, inside a room with a sloped ceiling, white floor and light grey walls, a dark grey accent wall

cacti and other potted plants, in the corner of a bright room, with a ceiling window, and light beige floor, simple living room designs, black chair and a wooden desk

brunette young woman, lying on a narrow white bed, inside a small room with white walls, and a window, couches for small living rooms, beige sofa opposite a tv, on a wooden stand

compact space with black tiled floor, and a second story with bookshelves, simple living room designs, grey corner sofa, with several cushions

pastel pink rug and cushion, inside a room with grey sofas, simple living room designs, a black chair, white walls and a beige wooden floor

Experiment with different textures and fabrics, to create a living room space that is both cozy and uniquely yours:

multicolored textured rug, inside a small living room, wooden settee covered in throws and blankets, simple living room designs, low vintage coffee table

set of two pale grey sofas, with pink and yellow patterned cushions, a white coffee table, and white bookshelves, simple living room designs

Bauhaus furniture is stylish, affordable and can save you lots of space! Choose statement pieces in bold, unusual colors, for a more original living room:

simple living room designs, bauhaus furniture inside a room, with duck's egg blue wall, grey corner sofa, with multicolored cushions, coffee tables and chairs

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